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Full text:[...] 226 JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. SOUTHAMPTON POLL LIST—continued. C. Burt Alfred Giles. C.E... 1895. July 16th. T. Chamberlayne Sir J. Harrington Simeon Sir F. H. Evans H. G. Wilson, J.P. J. R. [...]
Full text:[...] w wm 80 CTHAMPTO POLIO & sXTOnDAr.^ BOUTaAM^mN OB9BR#% A!(D m^CaB8^ NgWS-SAtUEMT AUGUST 24 1878. Bg&£®#P "^•asssss—r~ JS5w wtihobtalatnga 2«lt6?eJoihM «^terth«"rt°ow7^ ndsnt w\saeoo*ou boA%Y&tt\u%b [...]
Full text:[...] COtfNTRY SEATS AND THElR RESIDENTS. Stoke View, West End, J. Clark Stonehouse, Newbury, Capt. Yonge, R.N. Stonelands, Ryde, Admiral Sir W. Loring Stoner Lodge, Steepe, Petersfield, Robert W. Edais, F [...]
Full text:[...] STEAM PACKET DIRECTORY. PENINSULAR AND ORIENTAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1840. Offices—122, Leadenhall-street, London, and Oriental-place, Southampton. Secretary—C. [...]
Full text:[...] CLERICAL, LEGAL, AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS. 269 Eldridge, J. S., Southampton Estcourt, A. H., Newport Eve, Richard, Aldershot Faiclifull, Richard C.. Winchester Fardell, J. W., & William H. Wooldridge, [...]
Full text:[...] MB SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NEWS—SATORD\Y. SKPT. 7. 1S7S o5 Tb«™).T, Sin* Tim.t, dun. asrsssvisrSasr **()* ^Thntaday, Roj»l Mail ahama »w quoUd at n«. Tbmraday. P p- were .qud [...]
Full text:[...]  ,f • ■ isrrr iM'.HTOua MH'I T«Hi^sf>1ITHAM 1*1*0W OBSERVKlt AND WINCHESTER NlSW3r-SATURDA.Y, SEPTEMBER 7., 18*8. ItAimVAT TIME TABLE. __^okook^^odthWTQN Sundays. :-B = it SUNDAY*. Mr - Southampton [...]
Full text:[...] 354 ROMMT. ItolQHBOtfBflOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON. Gritt George, chimney sweeper, Newton lane Qoard Henry, draper & outfitter, Church st Harding Harry, fishmonger, Market place Harirreaves Frank, Cross Keys [...]
Full text:[...]  RAILWAY TIME TABLE. fHK SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER ANQ,..^IjpPtE^TgB, SATURDAY. SK^V|,1^.1878. SODTUAjrr^pS^MAUULIS CLUB. 10 SUNDAY*. ::: ::: , Southampton Wert. Mr. Webb* Pout* would Ilk* l jrablo accid [...]
Full text:[...]  Ctibbs road, from i Anglesea place to Westmorland place. i Palmer Alfred, baker Harman place, Oxford rd. from Park at. to Mousehole la. 1 Wilson James Henry, fore- man at bedding factory 2 Groves Ja [...]
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