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Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. KIEF 157 South side. Xortbsm Primary School * (junior mixed & infants) here is Peel st ......... Hilda Place. Is Cowan Mrs. shopkpr Iri'int'.ick 'Mrs IsBodaway Wlfcr. G | Glass Mrs [...]
Full text:[...] UOCTHAHPfOS POLICE. . sr/sia of the ffampskir* Imdeptarfewt Xewtpaper Compaay.i Th# conptiyr woald Mt U»6roiii.Hit the raptor Mart tho bo#& had they not been roihpellcd to do so. Vaf soloe bS 6wBRw#B [...]
Full text:[...] 160 HOO SOUTHAMPTON Honeysuckle road—continued 204 Noyce Frank Ernest 20'i Thompson Alfd 208 Ariss Fredk. S 210 McClure Wm 212 Watts Fredk 214 Hickman Wm 216 Smith .Jas 218 Longman Geo 220 Fall Wltr. [...]
Full text:[...] ADVERTISEMENTS. 65 Just published, in 1 vol. 12mo., price 6s. in cloth; or, in morocco, 10s., LAY LECTURES on CHRISTIAN FAITH AND PRACTICE. BY JOHN BULLAR. " These lectures, one and all, are marked w [...]
Full text:[...]  86 MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION. /• MEMBERS OF THE TOWN COUNCIL. Mayor—George Laishley, esq. ALDERMEN. Joseph Lobb, esq. Mr. W. H. Steere Captain Breton Edward Toomer, esq. Joseph Bernard, esq. Danie [...]
Full text:[...] 170 KEN SOUTHAMPTON Kent road—continued. 66 DiggleMrs 68 Watts Mrs. J 70 Simpson Edwd 72 Walter Jack Wm. D 74 Hinton Regnld. Geo 76 Mongan Jn 78 Marsh Bertie 80 Saunders Miss 82 Lewis Erie 84 Hickman [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. 183 British and Foreign Bible Society. ' (Southampton Auxiliary.) Patrons—The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Winchester, and the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Southa [...]
Full text:[...] W-- 176 LUM Ludlow boad—continued. 97 Alexander Edwd. Chas 99 Frost Geo. Hy 99 Wookey Fredk. draper 101 Wheeler Bertie C. shopkpr ...... here is Peveril rd ...... 103 Grace Geo. Win. shoe repr 105 G [...]
Full text:[...]  THE SOUTHAMPTON /Q*9B^ER ^ WWCg^TgP ,MflW3-3ATUm^mY .,30.. ,1^8. SOL'THAMPTOS POLICE. iTufH W" ia ■ daaaereaa PMC— lit ..w»* *«ot W hard '* Paca" A»7lw««« -0 sme«iitWmtt, * hawker, w»« rh*rg*il "l [...]
Full text:[...]  MUNICIPAL DIRECTORY. BOROUGH COUNCIL, FOR 1850-51. MAYOR, RICHARD ANDREWS, Esq. (RE-ELECTED.) ALDERMEN. •r. {Elected Joseph Stace, esq. John Mead Allen, esq. -Y Edward Palk, esq. Nicholas Bienvenu [...]
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