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Full text:[...] 862 BURSLEDON DIRECTORY. British Railways (Southern Region) Bursle-don Railway Station, Station road; J. S. Lillington, stationmaster Hampshire Constabulary, Kenton, Bridge road, Harold G. Bennett, c [...]
Full text:[...] "COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. SAX. 827 {Sell I!"!' bbSfc3 & clwf; WL g^et W-"n^^lllnGsWarAice st.Northam "zsa-w % Chantry rd RYDER, BLAKE & PEATE (B. Tidridge F.V.I.), auctioneers, estate agents, hotel valu [...]
Full text:[...] BtmSLEDON DIRECTORY. 801 ) giles Reeves, of King's College, London There is a Church Hall and Men's club erected in 1910. There is a Roman Catholic church of Our Lady of the Rosary with cemetery att [...]
Full text:[...] ' COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. san1 m f V RYDER, BLAKE & PEATE (B. Tidridge F.N.A.A,), auctioneers, estate agents, hotel & property/valuers, 2i London rd. Tel. 8431. iSee advert Ryder Rt. Wensley, sheet met [...]
Full text:[...] 664 advertisements . CHERVILLE COLLEGE, romsey. (Established 1881). Mr. PRINCIP &L: JOHN 1. RUMSHAI 5 A.C.P. AN EXCELLENT STAFF OF RESIDENT MASTERS. The Principal's long experience in some of our la [...]
Full text:[...] September 2j, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. •^vcvcvc mm Outdoor Recreations. CvC^CvCvCv^^O'/C^tvfcvtvtvb^'^il v©^ ©:©:©:©:©:t>; <©:©:©:©:©:_ , Cvtvtvfcvtvfcvtvfcvtvfev^^^C-t-fr^O ©:©:©:© [...]
Full text:[...] 356 WIL Wilton crescent—continued. 38 Harrison Edwd. Wm are Darlington gdns... 34 Carne Frank W 32 Seal Fredk 30 Smith Stanley A 28 Harrod Jn. E 28 Day Mrs 4 Blake Donald 2 Payne Arth. E Nort [...]
Full text:[...] September 25, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. History of Southampton Football ^lub. (By RECORDER.) i INTRODUCTION. When Southampton and Sheffield' United •were contestants of the F.A. Cup f [...]
Full text:[...] WESTGATE TER. Prom 17 Bugle street to West-gate street. Map E 8. 1 Martin Regnld 2 Williams Chas 3 Lay ton Geo. Herbt 4 Provan Arth 5 Sainsbury Thos. Jn 6 Sutherland Jn 7 Jones Chas 8 Allen Albt. Geo [...]
Full text:[...] iwsBsvm THE SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NEWS-SATURDAY, DECEMBER It, 1879. Miscellaneous. TTJTANNTED, in a high mod dry situali. - Ttnarwn *■----Aitaw-a B.. l Bit' Offlee-of "TTTANTED IMMEDIAT [...]
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