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Full text:[...] 70 Lake Edwd 72 Brookwell Mrs 74 Eidridge Alfd. Geo. H 76 Stay Arth. F 78 Webb Wm 80 Wort Jas. Fredk. S2 P.Iake Wltr 84 Pickett Regnld. Chas 86 Candy Ernest 90 Broadbere Alfd. Thos 92 Golding Mrs. A. [...]
Full text:[...] ■K"' 1,7 certain Sir. Robert Ohichaater, who n condramed foe hi, many iniqnltiee Jo wave ropea frem th« sand, fasten them to hla carriag*, and drive op the faoe of the acss 'H"r month. a pict [...]
Full text:[...] 54 Matthews David 56 Summers J as ...... here is Aberdeen st ...... Ascupart Primary School (junior mixed & infants) 58 London Electric Wire Co. (The) & Smiths Ltd. cable & wire mfrs ASHBURNHAM CLOSE [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. ARN 15 North side. Central District School (Junior Boys, Junior Girls & Infants) Central District Secondary Modern School for Boys 2 Gunn Wm. Geo 4 Mason Miss M 6 West Geo. Hy 8 Lee [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. ASH 15 ! Matthews David su Summers Jas I" here is Aberdeen st ...... IsBradbury Bros. (Southamp-| ton) Ltd. spray painters Ascunart Primary School {.junior mixed & infants) ash tree [...]
Full text:[...] j peiton Archbld. Wm. (Peera mon) : Sea View Cafe & Post Office (Sirs. Anne Baseomb) West side. 1a, Marks Jn. Percvl 1a. Marks J. P. & Son, bldr X Mortlock Gordon Fredk 5 P.ees Bernard T 7 Cozens Mrs [...]
Full text:[...] May i, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. *»*v v V v %J v U v U v «❖©❖©❖©•:•©❖c *e*e*e*e*e* ❖©❖«•>©❖©.>©❖_ Outdoor Recreations. ___ ,%%%#*# FOOTBALL. The Saints finished up fourth from the [...]
Full text:[...] 40 sotjtfiamf'tosf SOUTHAMPTON INCORPORATION. Offices—The Workhouse, St. Mary Street. Guardians of the Poor {Ex-affitio)— The Mayor (President), tlie three Senior Aldermen, the Senior and Junior Bail [...]
Full text:[...] 46 however, Mr. Joseph Ezekiel, is annually appointed examiner in Hebrew by the Bombay University, and is also permanently employed as a teacher in the Bassoon Hebrew and English Seminary. There is an [...]
Full text:[...] southampton official directory—1920. 37 Co-opted Members — Abraham Major G. 12 Alma road Brighton W. L. 11 Trinity road Andrews Mrs. E. S. Buncrana, 46 West- wood road Palmer Mrs. E. 12 Shakespeare a [...]
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