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Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON POLICE. SATURDAY." zEL°;.nc: .^rz lot that pff*no» He his license revoked alloc* ther. Caisil* or MuUW A CujaE—Aa-i (jlavwiay. eharg-rt wuh » olo«k from lb* thop •( Jfr Harris. ot St Miry [...]
Full text:[...] TOWS OOUNOILLOBa, BOBOUGH OFFICERS. 61 MEMBERS OF THE TOWN COUNCIL. Mayor—William James Le Feuvre, esq. aldermen. William James Le Feuvre, esq. Admiral Ward John King, esq. Joseph Lobb, esq. Mr. W. H [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. MAN 183 S2 Arthur Cyril Geo a Curl Edwd. T S5 "White Wm. Patrick gS Farrelly Ghristphr 92 Oliver Saml 9o I").ivies Mrs 9S IJear Regnld. Hy 100 Cole Jas. Alfd 102 Morgan Mrs. R 104 C [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON 188 MAY AVAMAB1E MR All f«r#Vf OCCASfOMS Edward W. Beal International Brotherhood of Magicians (British Ring No. 25) tk e *a,cj.iciayi w (^Jntertaind Lo Presenting a Programme of Mirth an [...]
Full text:[...] 190 LUM SOUTHAMPTON Ludlow road—continued. 151 Goss Mrs 153 Clark ffm. Geo 155 Paskins Hy. Jn. greengro ...... here is Wodehouse rd..... 157 Townsend C. radio dlr 159 Cox Claude 161 Tee Ronald P° 163 [...]
Full text:[...] -V, 192 MID Methuen street—continued. 37 Pope Chas. Harold 38 Smallwoods Wm 39 Giles Mrs 40 Freeman Gordon 41 Doel Saml 42 Poore Mrs. R 43 Hunt Mrs 44 Sheppard Fredk. Geo 45 Marshall Mrs 46 Furnell W [...]
Full text:[...] 150 Ivneller Miss A 154 Lowing Jsph. Peter 150 Grainger Hector Edwd !5S Davison Edwd 155 Davison Edwin R. motor i ICO ! 162 i 164 I itKi engnr Southey Edwd. Hy Peckham Peter Wm Cartridge Jas Roberts [...]
Full text:[...] c (A. Wecl-who. con- furti^s & Sons Ltd.. removal contrctrs. (deposi- Bee^Erne^t (The Bunga- Arthur Cyril Geo si Curl Mrs _ « White Wm. Patrick | Farrelly Christphr "flSS^Thos 02 Oliver Saml 04 Smith [...]
Full text:[...] July 24, 1912. e®©g>©®e®e®©®©®©»© #©®e®e®©®©®©®©®©®1 ■»©®©®©®©®G®G®©®©_ THE CRAND THEATRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. ----1©®©®© Local Amusements. ®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®c®c®©®©®©®©* Miss C [...]
Full text:[...] 202 MAY Mayfield road—continued. 144 Holdaw'ay Mrs 146 Barker Frank 148 Webber Wm. Hy 150 Blake Chas. Wm. Ernest Swaythling Secondary Modern School for Boys Swaytliling Secondary Modern School for Gi [...]
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