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Full text:[...] 434 GENERAL INFORMATION. i '} ! 5 SECOND HANTS RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS. Established in Southampton, November, 1859. The services of this corps were accepted by Her Majesty in November, 1859. Originally [...]
Full text:[...] ■WHSF * uPiLiiiiiji -wit' THE 'h^MvKA 'A-ND Wc#STER ^KWS-yAfDhDlY. OCTOBKk'" 26. f!lS?8. itAlliWAT TUB TABLE. ;% : ,:!r1 '" -* Southampton W**L SOUTHAMPTON AND PORTSMOUTH! ..... • •-Port*. Vm-nfctx [...]
Full text:[...]  418 GENERAL INFORMATION. THE QUARTER SESSIONS Are held in the Guildhall, over the Bargate. County Quarter Sessions must be held in the 1st week after the 28th of December ; 1st week after 31st March [...]
Full text:[...] August :8, 1912. yj . 1 f y ■' ..'.uji'fJ.i^!1..^, ipj'j i A'Hjjyw1 ■.[.*** SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. BRITON v. BOER. THRILLING PAGES IN SOUTHAMPTON'S STIRRING STORY.' [By W. A. CLEAVE'.] ■ [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INFORMATION. BOROUGH REGULATIONS. 415 March 1.—Auditors and Assessors of Boroughs to be elected. March 25.—Overseers are to be appointed on this day, or within fourteen days thereafter. Those [...]
Full text:[...] 184 ADVERTISEMENTS. 9 M©SA1LMA (NEAR THE CROWN INN,) Sfeacfiez of TPerdpective, ffte various TBtaucfiea of 23*; awing. TPatiittug. in ©if TVafes Cofoura, Tfte^torejs of TPaiwtitiga tfte ofi) Jl/laate [...]
Full text:[...]  : OBSRRyglt AW» WINCHESTER KEWS-SA.TLf RbA.Y. OCTOBER 1*. *6T8. BAIbWAr TIME TA.BLB. 11131 •12 20* (Dotchciter 3 0) ■12 20M (Dorcbw » Bovtham'pton WoaL SOUTHAMPTON TOWN COUNCIL. (oil pi the Town [...]
Full text:[...] 7JBJ WU - , - fW SOUTHAMPTON Ori^MHV KK ANT»-^'TN€ff15, --{$£- • - m Soubby, barrister at l»», of th* Middle Tampl*, to h* hb private mratatr daring hb year of, OlBea. Mr. Sotilsbr ha* filled the mme [...]
Full text:[...] vj6 aim»ir nbiqhbovrsood of Southampton . Wi e Robert, m HifU* TittV"*1, cabinet ma. Chapel street Hoakinson James, parish clerk HorneGeorge,farm bailiff to Hy. Seymour esq Jftckman Frederick, Commer [...]
Full text:[...] Hand-in-Hand Fiee & Life Insurance Society (continued). LIEE DEPARTMENT. The important advantages offered by the plan and constitution of the Life Department of this Society, are— That Insurers are p [...]
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