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Full text:[...] (15) of Inspeximus and Confirmation of the Charter of Powers, Franchises and privileges, dated at Westminster by Henry the Fourth, on the 4th of January, in the 14th year of his reign, in favour of h [...]
Full text:[...] Boys at the North Stoneham camp, May-June 1937 [...]
Full text:[...] THE TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE 1882-83. jT SUMMARY OF THE YEAR'S WORK. During the year ending in June, 1883, the Council and the Executive Committee have devoted nearly thirty sittings to the busin [...]
Full text:[...] THE SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT of the gtttfllfl- J1} it'is It[iittwtt. 1886-87. THE YEAR'S WORK. The Anglo-Jewish Association has, during the past year, continued to exercise its useful influence [...]
Full text:[...] (V they nor their goods shall be arrested for any debt of which they are neither the sureties nor principal Debtors, " nisi forte ipsi debitores de eorum sint communa et potestate habentes vnde de de [...]
Full text:[...]  w mm* EPITOME OF NEWS. EirLOBiox or Dtnamitb rx Snix.—a »orion« ex-.plosion of dynamite, which almost entirely destroyed * factory, has occurred at Gorona, on the Franco-gf&nlmh front!*. Dahaom aga [...]
Full text:[...] CALHNDAS,. 3': 1 THE SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTOR f CALENDAR, 1920 ! ~—— ** - —r I § ; cr> S? "D C % ■a c c? ■0 § i •0 0) O C "O 1 3 * "O £ 73 &. 3 O CM CD i ■a E - £ ■C ~ c >a CO "O 8 CO "U ( [...]
Full text:[...] Lot 4J£- Lot L //%r - J' 42,/- 23. An Annual GROUND RENT of £10 10s. viz. the Reversion in Fee of and in a Dwelling House, Workshop, Tenement, and a large Garden, on the South-East side of Oxford-Str [...]
Full text:[...] Te/epAone ; ROYAL 9040 (H lines) ROYAL TELEX 7328. incorporating CHARLES MORGAN & CO. (town and country depts.) JOSEPH TOWN & SONS. WILLI AM PITT & CO. E. L. BE1LBY a CO. |f\j BROWN a THOMSON. G. S. [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON MEE-CTOKY—-1920. PAGE Southampton Official 15—52 Southampton Registrars' District .....................23 SouthamptonTopography 1—14 South Stoneham ...674—677 South Stoneham Rural Distric [...]
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