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Full text:[...] 12 Elizabeth. In addition, the interests of the Association are most faithfully advocated by the Revs. B. Berliner (Bristol), Ii. Levin (Cheltenham*), and Dr. J. Strauss (Bradford*), Messrs. Wolf Cohe [...]
Full text:[...] ■ BRANCHES. 11 22nd of that month in the Beth-El Synagogue, under the presidency of Mr. E. D. J. Ezra. It is confidently anticipated that great advantages will accrue from the relations established b [...]
Full text:[...] schools in the east. 65 & recent years done much towards promoting Jewish education. It has been stated that the Jewish children are exceedingly intelligent, and show a good capacity for the instructi [...]
Full text:[...] MIKVEH ISRAEL Flan du Terrain de l'Ecole Agticole deJaffa, LEGI Constructions executes nm d° Eroietees. 1. Institution des filles Moulm a, vent construifc sur 1 e s ommet del'dmon ta$r 3 18Maisons d'h [...]
Full text:[...] 100 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. sufferings of the poor Jews of Morocco, Roumania, and Russia will, I trust, meet tlie success which they merit; and I am sorry that it is not in our power to do anything [...]
Full text:[...] 70 £ s. (1. Harris, J., Esq., 168, Ken- nington-park-road, S.E. 0 10 G Harris, Morris, Esq., 8, Gt. Prescott-street, E. . 0 10 6 Harris, Miss M., Jews' Infant School . . .050 Harris, M., Esq., 97, Mid [...]
Full text:[...] SCHOOLS IN THE EAST. 45 " Since the arrival of the Bern-Israels in India, there never has been an occasion like the present, when not only the European, the Arabian, and the Indian Jews have met toge [...]
Full text:[...] 32 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. school, for which help the Committee are extremely thankful to them, but at the same time hope that the appeal made to them will be still more liberally considered. As regard [...]
Full text:[...] 82 TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. Association, as well as tko Representatives of the Beni-Israel Community of Bombay, cordially welcome you to the shores of India. We fully appreciate the sympathy manifested [...]
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