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Full text:[...] 85 LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS AND DONORS TO THE OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. Eredlander, D., Esq. Greenberg, S., Esq. Greenberg, J., Esq. Greenburgh, —■ Esq. Gabriel, J., Esq. Goldsmid, — Esq. . Hayman, [...]
Full text:[...] 32 alphabetical list op streets. , *-W manchester street. Home for the Aged 1 Penny, C. T. Penny, Miss 2 Blackman, J. D. Beckford Terrace. 3 Hollman, Madam 4 Stainer, Samuel 5 Fall, Alfred 7 Sutton, [...]
Full text:[...] 82 southampton street dibectoby. Marsh lane—continued. ,„ is Three Field la...... I o Hooper Samuel, beer ret 11 Bartlett Thomas 12 Humphry Israel 13 Rogers John 14 Arthur Thomas, bootmakr r-5 [...]
Full text:[...] no southampton street directory. Stanford street—con. 4 YoungHiram,dock labourr is Melbourne st....... 5 Marlow Alfred, labourer 6 Aldous George 7 Ireland John, labourer 9 Hockaday Geo. la [...]
Full text:[...] >46 UOUTXAMTTOM AND WICMBOUBHOOD Holmwood Geo. 13 Oxford rd. Bevois mount Honey bone William, Lyndhnrmt 8.0 Heoeychurch Hscry, 5% Cnuibury avenue hoot mt». Colbury manor, Elinjr Hood Alfred, 97 Millb [...]
Full text:[...] privath residents, »<>3 ftayner Misses, Netley St. Matthew Itnynes Henry Frodenck, Linden honsn,Ports- wood road Raynea Miss, iS Bellevne terrace Read Her. George, Brockenhurst. S.O Read Abraham, Mar [...]
Full text:[...] f? ^7^ !- ! ■ r JC42 HlGr High st. Southampton—con. 165 Consulate of Spain (Don Luis Calderon, consul) 165 Darle% Fredk. William, official receiver in bankruptcy for Southampton, Winchester & Poole [...]
Full text:[...]  g I lu ( %\ #1 f _/ 164 LiYO Lvon street—continued . 52 Saunders Mrs 54 Finnegan William Henry 56 Soutar David 58 Osman John 60 Pearce Edwin A 62 Hobbs Samuel Reed 64 Pritchard Nathaniel, suranc [...]
Full text:[...] 1 ItnS^6!! iohn',Millbrook road, Freemantle otOCKWell tJoSSpIlj 9 Ivv TOcld Stock well Miss, 37 Earl's road Stokes Charles, 43 Ivy road, Itchen Stokes Edwm, 32 Fanshawe street Stokes Fras. Ernest,27 [...]
Full text:[...] NEIGHBOURHOOD OP SOUTHAMPTON—1920. BASTL] .here is Derby rd. 224 Dixey James, dairy 226 Layzell Frank Thomas 228 Audrews William 230 Noyce John 232 Knight Henry 234 Hunt Frederick 234a, Dacombe Charl [...]
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