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Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECtOS-Y. 881 Places of Worship. Church of England. rhurch of the Resurrection, Romsey road; Rev William Victor Lambert, The Vicarage, Romsey road, vicar & surrogate; Rev. Hugh F. Hadrill [...]
Full text:[...] 882 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Independent Order of Rechabites, Juvenile Section (Star of Hope Tent) (No. 523); G. Stratton, 29 Tennyson road, sec Independent Order of Kechabites, Salford Unity Friendly So [...]
Full text:[...]  1 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 891 Bellamy V. H. aeronautical contrctrs. Southampton (Eastleigh) Airport, South- Rendell° Ernest F. tobccnst: 2 Leigh rd Bendon Frederick William, furniture dealer & house fu [...]
Full text:[...] 1 892 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. I I Crozier Rt. physcn. & surgn. 93 Leigh rd Cutler Bertie, grocer, 19 Grantham rd CUTMORE ARTHUR C. electrical
Full text:[...] 894 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. j; P fe- t - Jackson C. watch ffikf. 7 Factory rd Jackson Len, grocer, 25 High st Jago & Son, watch mkrs. 42 High st Jafties C. E. Chief Sanitary Inspector to Eastleigh Borou [...]
Full text:[...] s EASTLiEIGH piRECTQRY. 805 Mundjr Newton, :cyelerepr. 54a, Chestnut av Kunton Chas. C. hairdrssr. 59 Leigh rd National Co-operative Chemists. Ltd. 22 . High st ' •" National Deposit Friendly Society [...]
Full text:[...] 25 Porter Wm 27 Baker F. V. statar 29 Webb Alfd. photographer 31 Luton Hat Shop (The) (Mrs. W. M. Haddow), ladies' outfitters 33 & id, Ingram Ernest, tobccnsfc 35 Bungalow Caf£ (The) (Collins & Budd) [...]
Full text:[...] 1 906 Market street—continued. 81 Joan (Mrs. E. D. Morell), ladies' hairdrssr 83 Simmons Harry Frank 85 Simmons Harry Thos. baler 87 & 89 Cox D. S. & Co. art needlework 91 Gale Geo. OF 93 Ham Wm. W 9 [...]
Full text:[...] HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY. 909 Pound iWibberley Jn. Hy. . 4 Sea View estate (Wisdnton-Et. Jn. Epernay, Station rd Williams Clarence Hubert, Woodvale, Rnrsledon rd Williams Mrs., Reval, Botleyr [...]
Full text:[...] SHAKESPEARE RD. From 29 Twyford road. North side. 2 Davis Wltr. Thos i Benest Arth. A. <3-6 Beard Mrs. L S Evans Thos. Ed 10 Berry Wm. Hy 12 Hitchings Chas 14 Clements Geo. Arth 16 Breadmore Mrs 18 S [...]
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