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Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. TID 841 fatton-Rrown Chas. Eden, stock brkr. (firm, A. H. Cobbold & -Co.), 70 Devonshire rd Taunton's School l(R. P. Challacombe B.A. head master), Highfie'ld rd Taylor & Sons, [...]
Full text:[...] 838 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. f #1 Leigh road—^Continued. : 61 & 63 Golden Stanley Jn. M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S.. L.R.C.P. physcn.&surgn. (surgery) 65 Eastleigh Radio Relay Exchange Ltd. radio relay service 6 [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 841 321 Strattbn Bertram Edgar 323 McCutcheon Wm 325 Harsley Mrs. E. grocer ..... here are Cherbourg & ......Southampton roads >..."...... East side. 2 Beck Albt. Wm 4 Shepherd A [...]
Full text:[...] 850 wiar SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Winch Regnld. genl. dir. 65/65a, Northam rd Winchester Diocesan Girls' Friendly Hostel (Mrs. E. Denton, lady supt.), 31 Cairlton ores Winchester House (iMr. & M [...]
Full text:[...]  848 Shakespeare road—continued. 32 Sherrington Edwd 31 French Fras. Oliver 36 Goll-edge Jack Percy 38 Meakins Enos 40 Collings Arth 42 Powell Leonard Thos ...... here is Ruskin rd ..... 44 Walters [...]
Full text:[...] id' rs, 1; r 3 d /; 1 THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON ASHURST. See Eling & Totton. ISHOP STOKE is a parish 1 mile urth-east from Eastleigh (which was for-srly called Bishopstoke) railway station, mi [...]
Full text:[...] 860 BISHOPSTOKE DIRECTORY. Tolfree Wilfred Jn. 41 Longmead av Tomlin Wltr. Gordon, 50 Longmead av Toms Arth. Wltr. 393 Fair Oak rd. Fair Oak Toomer Rt. Chas. 31 Drake rd Travers Jn. 24 New id. Sandy [...]
Full text:[...] BURSLEDON DIRECTORY, 865 pother Chas. Thos. newsagt. The Bungalow, * Hungerford Oak Hill Hotel (T. Pritcliard), Oak hill Oldham Douglas, newsagt. Lowford Osborne & Bark, decrtrs. Gaster ho. Portsmout [...]
Full text:[...] 876 CHANDLER'S FORD DIRECTORY. COMMERCIAL. ■ Adams Wni. Halfway inn, 114 Winchester rd Angus Mabel B. (Mrs.), draper, 107 Winchester rd Atherley Dyers & Cleaners, 79 Bournemouth rd Baker Fredk. C. de [...]
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