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Full text:[...] 860 BISHOPSTOKE DIRECTORY. Tolfree Wilfred Jn. 41 Longmead av Tomlin Wltr. Gordon, 50 Longmead av Toms Arth. Wltr. 393 Fair Oak rd. Fair Oak Toomer Rt. Chas. 31 Drake rd Travers Jn. 24 New id. Sandy [...]
Full text:[...] 1 906 Market street—continued. 81 Joan (Mrs. E. D. Morell), ladies' hairdrssr 83 Simmons Harry Frank 85 Simmons Harry Thos. baler 87 & 89 Cox D. S. & Co. art needlework 91 Gale Geo. OF 93 Ham Wm. W 9 [...]
Full text:[...] 962 EASTLEIGS DIRECTORS. Atkins Fredk. farmer, Home farm, Leigh ird Austen Ethel M. (Mrs.) L.L.C.M., A.L.C.M. teacher of music, 230 Desborough rd Austin's, butchers, 74 Market st Ax ton A. G. g-reeng [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 963 Combes P. M. Ltd. timber mers. Toynbeo rd. & Allbrook hill, Allbrook Complins Ltd. bakers, 44 High st Comrades Institute & Club Ltd. (Geo. Davis, sec.), 55 Leigh rd Constable [...]
Full text:[...] £64 eastleigh directory. Eastleigh Unity Club (W. Smith, sec. ; J. Trew, steward), 130 Southampton rd Eastleigh Weekly News & Hants Gazette (Eastleigh Printing Works, publshrs.), 26a, High st . Eastl [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 965 Hibbs L. W. (Mrs.), grocer, 67 Cranbury rd Hill Rundell & Son, corn merchants & dealers & seedsmen, 268 Portswood rd. Southampton & 16 High st. Eastleigh. Tel. 87353 Hill Don [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 967 Shave Win. H. wine & spirit mer. 2f, High st Shawyer Jas. E. genl. store, 222 High st Sheet Metalcraft (Eastleigk) Ltd. sheet metal workers, Woodside rd Shell-Mex & B.P. Ltd. [...]
Full text:[...] June 2$, 1912. »e®c@c®>c*< ™pw SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. Our Weekly Illustrated Feature. 11 WMJIHI J No. 12.—THE MANUAL TRAINING CENTRE. There is a good deal moro than on tho sur-frcc appea [...]
Full text:[...] UNTY PAPER. JUNE Light van wanted, to cany one ton. Apl'lj to Mr. T. Th«tcl*r. Strand, OROUGH OF SOUTHAMPTON. SiUf frfl OlOEOI BODY WANTEl , ________^ or 1*. at o#oey Mra. Riot, tt, BL dint HOLIDAY. [...]
Full text:[...] September i8, 1912. SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. 17 5 ffC®C®C®«®C© ©®e®c©c©©©c ®,©©c®c®c®e®' ©®©©©®©®c®e_■ ®©©w^C©©©©©©©©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©®©® &©®©®©®0&0@0&4»*&t@6#6#w; Our Weekly Illustrated [...]
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