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J.W.S. 74
Full text:[...] II ROUTE OF PROCESSION. Floating Bridge Bridge Road Docks ~ Platform Sigh Street Bast Street Strand Hanover Bnildings Above Bar Prospect Place Laura Place London Road Bellevne Road St. Mary's Road St [...]
Full text:[...] PALESTINE. 51 SI.—PALESTINE. x. » Since August 1878, when the International Jewish Conference was held in Paris, and the various Educational and Communal Jewish questions were discussed,* the Anglo-Je [...]
Full text:[...] 6 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. During the past eventful year the Council have maintained constant communications with the Board of Deputies, the Alliance Israelite Universelle in Paris, the Alliance in Vie [...]
Full text:[...] SUMMARY OF THE YEAR'S WORK. 11 maintained which in itself has greatly facilitated the work of the Council. The Anglo-Jewish Association has also profited by the ever ready co-operation of such powerf [...]
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