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Full text:[...] REVISED TRADE PRICE LIST, (GAWTE, mACnmiL, BmEEmDl 6, WEST STREET, SOUTHAMPTON, (A feio doors from the High, Street, opposite the Dolphin Hotel). Description op Binding. Cloth, Lettered .. Half Roan [...]
Full text:[...] tf - The Stock of the " Southampton and Metropolitan Public Library," as may be seen from the Catalogue and Addenda, is very extensive and select, and comprises from FIFTY to TWO HUNDRED COPIES of ev [...]
Full text:[...]  YH/TJ/M. .TA(! - m % sjviirr^fio xoriirtiiwh &X AND Winchester NEWS. VOL. X—No, 552.] important public announcement i i •opening op the SOUTHAMPTON BOOT AND SHOE BAZAAR, 29> middle east street E ST [...]
Full text:[...] it1- 4S CO B-< >r-< PS .. & w CO o LU GC >—< a y > Lti' > r ^ Pi Q$ cc —< >3 O SOUTHAMPTON PUBLIC LIBRARIES THIS BOOK BELONGS TO THE REFERENCE L [...]
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