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Full text:[...] MADAME YON, Blillmpr, Mum k Blitttfle fflAn, ©p SOUTHAMPTON. Mourning or Foreign Orders Executed. J. YON, WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, jeweller, &c., • SOWUIAXP TWO DOOMS FROM ALL SAINTS' CHURCH. 9 diamond [...]
Full text:[...] 30, ABOVE.BAB. COOK, WHOLESALE, RETAIL, AND FOR EXPORTATION, 30, ABOVE - BAR, SOUTHAMPTON. ii Hi i -000- Gr. P. begs to offer his sincere thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants generally, fo [...]
Full text:[...] PIANOFORTE, HARP, AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENT WAREHOUSE, IV, Above-bar, Southampton, ffldwrn of Mum, In announcing his REMOVAL to large and more convenient Premises (No. 17, Above-bar), respectfully solic [...]
Full text:[...] ESTABLISHED 182ft. SCOTTISH UNION tfivt # Stfe a$$tirattte eompanp, Incorporated by Royal Charter, and Empowered by Act of Parliament. Capital/Five Millions Steeling. LONDON BOARD. President-The Righ [...]
Full text:[...] LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, 3, Geoege-Stbebt (head opficb), lonBoit, „ 82, King William-Street, 66, Upper Sackvillb-Street, Agent in Southampton— EDWARD ATKINS, Esq., Manager of the Hampshire Banking Com [...]
Full text:[...] NORTHERN ASSURANCE COMPANY, ESTABLISHED 1836. (INCORPORATED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT.) For Fire and Life Assurance at Home and Abroad. FINANCIAL POSITION. (31st December, 1874.) Subscribed Capital ...... [...]
Full text:[...] Ill THE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD DIRECTORY PRIVATE RESIDENTS EXPLANATION". It may sometimes happen that a user of this Directory knows the address of a certain person, but does not know exactly [...]
Full text:[...] ' /' .- ",' ' - - ' THE SOUTHAMPTuN fiBSBRVBK AMP WINCH SflTER IfWWft-SATmiBAT. TT V-B t*. im RAILWAYTABLK. SOUTHAMPTON AND WBTMOUTH.f Leave^ouih'ton A-'.V St I •12 20* (Dorchrattr 3 0) rsr II _ HO [...]
Full text:[...]  mmm. fwmm •OR* vi VHE SpCTHAMJ^'OM . OBSBByjU AND WtyCHESTfiR JyiKWS-SATOKlM f, PRC. *. 1878. _■ I - I I ll I Notice I I Memorandum Books Note Paper Rulers letter Clips Pens and Holders. Scrap Book [...]
Full text:[...]  EPITOME OF NEWS. A Cente»a»ia*.—M«. R. Davi*. a widow, of Langport, Somi-TwUhirw. haa juit dioo. agod 101. A Foo-SiojUlvan Killxu.—During the dan* fog which prevailed on Friday morning, tho "20th i [...]
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