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Full text:[...] The Standard Life Assurance Company (continued). I. Division of Profits. The Profits of the Company are ascertained every Five Years* and Additions, by way of Bonus, have been made to the Policies at [...]
Full text:[...] THE ALLIANCE BRITISH & FOREIGN LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY, L@Nl©©NU Capital £5,000,000 Sterling. Established 1824. BOARD OF DIRECTION. Samuel Gubnby, Esq. James Alexander, Esq. Sir E. N. Buxton, [...]
Full text:[...] ESTABLISHED 182ft. SCOTTISH UNION tfivt # Stfe a$$tirattte eompanp, Incorporated by Royal Charter, and Empowered by Act of Parliament. Capital/Five Millions Steeling. LONDON BOARD. President-The Righ [...]
Full text:[...] 630 ADVERTISEMENTS. MEW FOREST! HEW FOREST!! GROWN HOTEL LYNDHURST. JOHN R. PALMER, _PROPRIETOR. This Hotel, having been renovated and enlarged, offers capital ACCOMMODATION for GENTLEMEN and FAMILIE [...]
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