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Full text:[...] 1 APPENDIX B.-JEWS IN THEIR VARIOUS HABITATIONS. 65 Let us all strive towards this high aim according to our means and our powers, and we shall be achieving a benefit to our race, our age and to the w [...]
Full text:[...] 24 ' Bachshi ben Simon, Ismail ben Suleiman, and Fettou-lah ben Eliah, who declared that they had come to London for the purpose of submitting certain grievances to the Council of the Association, to [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX E.—THE LOCAL SCHOOLS OF SMYRNA. 51 may keep pace with the material and intellectual advancement of the age. The accomplishment of our work will be facilitated if we succeed in effecting a rad [...]
Full text:[...] W. T. WALLACE, (Late JOHN PARR,) \ - ... . '• * / ■ Posting Master to the Royal Family/ and to the Aristocracy of England and Europe, BEDFORD MEWS, CARLTON PLACE, SOUTHAMPTON, (Adjoining the Carlton [...]
Full text:[...] 630 ADVERTISEMENTS. MEW FOREST! HEW FOREST!! GROWN HOTEL LYNDHURST. JOHN R. PALMER, _PROPRIETOR. This Hotel, having been renovated and enlarged, offers capital ACCOMMODATION for GENTLEMEN and FAMILIE [...]
Full text:[...] 18 a reform in the sense of the equality of all your subjects, not excepting the poor and wretched Israelites. Believe it this request is supported by public opinion in all civilized countries. Public [...]
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