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Full text:[...] \l 776 SOU SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD i V ' ' m Southampton Federation of Boys' Clubs (C. A. Mack, organizing sec.); headquarters, 1 Cranbury ter. Newtown Southampton Flooring Co. monumental maso [...]
Full text:[...] 780 JE uli SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Elliott's, fishmngrs. 5 Tlie Broadway, 'Witts hil'l, Bitterne Park & The Triangle, -Cobden av. Bitterne Park Elliott Leonard H. tobccnst. 11 Manor Farm rd. Bi [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. MIS 811 \files Henry W. & Co. (H. J. P. White & B B- Barker) accountants & auditors, g Portland street, Southampton (T N 26439) & 10A, Station rd. New Milton. Tel New Milton 811 [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. ODE 815 Vicholls Wm. T. (Southern) Ltd. bldrs. ' Tennyson, rd. Ports-wood. Telephone, Southampton 55660- ^ _ , Virholls Cyril A. tobfccnst. 145 Northam rd Nichols Estate (The), [...]
Full text:[...]  EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 817 Winchester Registration District. Snperint^ndent Registrar, L. R. Mears. 78 High street, Winchester; deputy, Mrs. Jlarley Registrars of Births, Deaths & Marriages.-No. 3 (Ea [...]
Full text:[...]  818 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Primary Schools. ' Allbrook Church of England, Pitmoire road (mixed); Miss M. E. Taplin, head mistress Bishopstoke (mixed); C. P. Marshall, head master Chamberla^ne road (ho [...]
Full text:[...] 822 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 1 j- I x gl I Campbell road—continued. 30 Clulow Thomas 82 Lissamer Mrs 34 Morris Thos. Benj 36 Garwood Win 38 Hanley Bernard, sen 40 Dominy Jas. Wm. Geo 42 Hiscock Wm. Hy. C [...]
Full text:[...] 830 SHA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Shawyer Jn. Prince of Wales P.H. 198 Northam .rd Shearing Elsie M. (Madame) L.R.A.M., L.T.C.L. teacher of pianoforte, 1 Raymond rd Shears
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. SOU 835 outliampton (County Borough, of) Welfare Services Department (F. D. Glover, chief officer & P. J. Mouland, district welfare officer, Civic Centre; F. T. Harmon, 55 Belmo [...]
Full text:[...] 844 UND SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Underbill Harold Wm. insur. agt. 1/1 Heath rd. Sholing Underwood Business Machines Ltd. accounting machine mkrs. 14 Portland ter Union Assurance Society Ltd. Hal [...]
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