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Full text:[...] clerical, legal, aftd medical professions. 263 Layerty, W. H., m. a. (Church of England R.), Headley, Liphook Lee, G. B., m.a. (Church of England), "Winchester Lee, H., b.d. (Church of England), Winc [...]
Full text:[...] 260 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE De Jersey, C. C. (Church of England C.), Lymington De Jersey, P. R., m.a. (Church of England V.), Emshott Dew, E. P., m.a. (Church of England R.), Breamore Dickens, H. C. [...]
Full text:[...] CLERICAL, LEGAL, AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS. Freeth, F. H., m.a. (Church of England R.), Liss Furley, E. M., m.a. (Church of England C.), Ventnor Gam an, J., b.a. (Church of England V.), Hook, Fareham G [...]
Full text:[...] p?; 258 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE Bathe, A., b.a. (Church of England C.), Southampton Bathurst, W. D. M., m.a. (Church of England V.), Heckfield Battersby, W., m.a. (Church of England), Bournemouth Ba [...]
Full text:[...] 266 alphabetical list of Smith, H., b.a. (Church of England), "Winchester Somerville, P., m.a. (Church of England V.), Lymington Southhouse, G. W., m.a. (Church of England V.), Shanklin Sparks, G. (B [...]
Full text:[...] CLEBICAL, LEGAL, AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS. Ward, E. L., m.a. (Church of England R.), Blendworth, Horndean Wells, 6. A., m.a. (Church of England), Winchester Were, E. A., m.a. (Church of England), Winc [...]
Full text:[...] 1 CLERICAL. LEGAL, AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS. 265 Quayle, D. F. W., b.a. (Church of England C.), Bramshot Quilter, H. J. (Wesleyan), Andover Ramsay, J. S., m.a. (Church of England C.), Church Oakley Re [...]
Full text:[...] CLEBICAL, LEGAL, AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS. 259 Byrne, H. B., m.a, (Church of England V.), Milford Capel, E., if. a. (Church of England C.), Alverstoke Capes, m.a. (Church of England R.), Bramshott Car [...]
Full text:[...] 264 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE Monkhouse, J., m.a. (Church of England R.), Church Oakley Mole, R. H. (Wesleyan), Gosport Mooney, T. P., b.a. (Church of England V.), St. Deny's \ Moor, J. F., m.a. (Chur [...]
Full text:[...] 262 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF THE' Hoare, A. M., m.a. (Church of England R.), Fawley Hodgson, C. A., m.a. (Church of England R.), Fifield Hogg, John (Wesleyan), Petersfield Hollmgs, R, b.a. (Church of Eng [...]
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