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Full text:[...] by lot 27, and demised by JOHN PARSONS, Esq. to Mr. THOMAS HARRIS, for a term of 1000 years, from the 29th of September, 1839, at an annual rent of £10 10s. subject to the Lessee's right to [...]
Full text:[...] are held on Lease under the Corporation of Southampton, for the remainder of a term of 40 years, from the 29th of September, 1836, at an Annual Bent of £3 14s. 8d. and 6s. in lieu of Capons. A [...]
Full text:[...] 3 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Coalhouse, Offices and Garden, and held on Lease for the term of 998 years from 23rd day of October, 1876, at the Annual Ground Rent of £4. The House is conveniently fitted with [...]
Full text:[...] PREFACE. 1 In. issuing a New Edition of the Post-Office Directory, the Compiler begs to remark, that the rapid increase of the Town and Neighbourhood renders the preparation of the work a difficult a [...]
Full text:[...] and William Taylor, gnrackcepci ,*>t-»to"of Captain Suloin, of button Park, .lord. It appeared from tho evidence of George ,.r, whoso head was bound in surgical bandages, who was evidently in a weak [...]
Full text:[...] tenants paying all rates, these rents might easily be increased. The tenancies are quarterly, from the usual quarter days. This Property was Mortgaged by demise for the term of 500 years to the [...]
Full text:[...] the dwelling-house of Josoph ElliSon, at 46, Drum-mond-road, Ilerraojiilsoy, and stealing therefrom two gold rings, two gold lockets, and three gold studs, value £10, his property, also stealing [...]
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