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Full text:[...] 13 RECORD OF THE BROOK LIFEBOAT. -:o:- 1859—Saved four of the crew of the " Sentinel." 1860—Brig "John Westley," attended several times, refused assistance, crew eventually saved by a steamer. Coxswa [...]
Full text:[...] lianow.road, wa* charged with bigamy. Mr. Claydon defended. The two wive* were In court, th* second having In he* two children belonging to the gret. Mary Ann farrel. U,e wife of * tailor, Wring In [...]
Full text:[...] ¥ NOVEMBER XXX. First Quarter, 6 day, at 6 7 even. Full Moon, 14 ...... 12 48 mid. Last Quarter, 22...... 4 19 morn. New Moon, 29 ...... 11 34 morn. D Sundays, Holidays, etc. 1 S All Saints' Day 2 E [...]
Full text:[...] (00) 1 Richard III.—Letters patent of a General Pardon to John Walker, Mayor of the Town of Suthampton, dated on the 1st of June, in the 1st year of Richard the Third. (01) 2 Richard III.—Letters Pat [...]
Full text:[...] JANUARY 12, 1878. SOUTHAMPTON TIMES AND HAMPSHIRE EXPRESS—CO UNTY PAPER. sister of the prosecutrix. who *u reprimanded by the acoounted to him creditors for the whole of hia assets Peputv-Recorder fo [...]
Full text:[...] RETROSPECT. 7 delivered a Lecture, in which he drew especial attention to the usefulness of the work done by this Association. The unity of purpose between the Anglo-Jewish Association and the Allianc [...]
Full text:[...]  f 'i 1 y PREFACE. In submitting the third edition of the Southampton Post Office Directory to the Public, it is hoped that it will be found deserving the liberal support it has uniformly received. [...]
Full text:[...] flllate'S- mndbook to Southampton, Nearing Southampton. u W e'll not be long in getting in now, sir,' says our cabin steward, "you had better get your things together. There's the cutter, and we'll p [...]
Full text:[...] iv preface. foreign letters may be expected at Southampton. It also contains an alphabetical arrangement of the single, rate of letter postage for every place of importance in the worlcl, together wi [...]
Full text:[...] ... — — ____ Monday ... 0 34 0 61 Friday 24 Saturday W dnseday ... 1 39 1 551 There is a second high water about two hours after the time here given, and low water Is about three hours and a [...]
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