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Full text:[...] Weetlakr. Removal-officer Hill, and Mr E. J. Pop© (rollecioi). Messia R. Chipprrfu-ld and Charlee Cox .Freemasons, Messrs U. J. Tilling, It. R L. Roto, man, and Walter Bowyer being piesent fiom the [...]
Full text:[...] FUBNITUBE. , HUNGABIAN ABB, COBONEB'S INQUEST, SUDDEff DEATH. ironer (B. Coxwell, E*q ) held an In-i, Western-show-road, on Tuesday afternoon, on the body of Wllllku. a [...]
Full text:[...] following Testimonials will show the efficacy of gAGLEYS STOMACH PILLS . JhfcSi Mr, Cox. of Ludlow, says s " I was suffering from Indigestion luid Liver Complaint, and was under the [...]
Full text:[...] ehow the efficacy of B AGLET'S STOMACH PILLS 6.1 qo laii'iq n-»d if. \o 4-1 r«S tjv 0*UI^Wll Mr. Cox; bf Ludlow, caye: " I wae eufTering from Indigestion and Liver Complaint, and was under tho [...]
Full text:[...] Back-ef-the-WaJle, dtppsed tiatjip day evening week, tke df*c*« * knowa before, came to his hi . Cox well, held an id. the Common, on Mon- icd. whom' he hadWt x ABD; E%rrit&' 8caoo& [...]
Full text:[...] lb® countenance. The following Teetimonlal* will sbow tbe qfficacy ef T3AGLETS STOMACH TlLLS Mr. Cox, of Ludlow, says : " I a iiendod by a friend b for wbich 1 mm thankful, a* tbey wu IOTWrej me [...]
Full text:[...] At—The meeting hating been opened with tinging and prajer, theCbJrman called upon Mr. Tjj Cox to read the Committer s report, which stated that tb*y war* pltaaed to report that thera waa a [...]
Full text:[...] are working their way into tho Domi-wom. preparing to move on eom* principal pokf t of mod Cox, age ##, of II, Mar ecc&scd went -------, —-a, .he 30th nit., md during the m*ht waa heard about [...]
Full text:[...] T. R. Oewald, Jamee Oewald. A.J. Day. H Bull, E Bull, J. Bo war,, Mr. Oil*. (barrUUr), CL Crew. P. Cox. It. P.rker. M. Emanuel. Vintxnt. H.Oreen. Apple-fonl. IV. Cordon. W. H. Swayne, Oolditona. R. [...]
Full text:[...] OF OSIRIS, or THE CROSS OF LIFE. B, EUSTAOB HINTON JONES. Joint Author (with the Rev. Sir Qeo. W. Cox, Bart.. M.A.). of " Popular Romances of the Middle Ages, and " Tale* of the Teutonic [...]
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