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Full text:[...] a rectory, yearly value £325, in the gift of the Bishop of Winchester, and held since 1863 by the Rev. John Pemberton Bart-lettai a. of Christ's College, Cambridge. Inch-merry House is the seat of the [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. 409 GulliverWilliam Hayden, Wimpson,Millbrook Gnrney Edward, Bursledon Hack John, Botley Harris George, Aldermoor, Shirley Harris John, Stroud wood, Fair oak Hart Mrs. Charlotte, Cl [...]
Full text:[...] private residents directory—1920. Forrester Mrs. 12 Rnllar road, Hitlerne pnrk Paymaster r.n.r ), Headmgley, 232 Portswood road I orsey Walter Henry, 35 Cromwell road Porster Benjamin, 143 Radcliffe [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS Dl RECTORY—1920. K.R.C.V.S. 12 Com- gGould George Frederick mercial road jGould Harry, 39 Oakley road, Millbrook gGouldJas. W. Florance, Whitelawrd. Miilbrk M Gould Jay, Hollyville, [...]
Full text:[...] Baby W.^ehill, Bokhara*' I Baby Edward, Furzedown,. Water la. Totton { Baddeley Frederick C. Manor farm, Dibden • ( Barter George Henry, Mill farm, Oaklev road, Millbrook Bastable Mrs. Hill street, T [...]
Full text:[...] 788 PUB SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Public Houses—continued. Edinburgh Castle, Mrs. E.Marsh, r Bernard st Electric Arms, Frederick William Sanders, Upper Back-of-the-Walls Elephant&Castle, Herbert [...]
Full text:[...] Heath Reading Room (Mrs.Kallum, caretaker), Butlocks heath, Hound HigMield Reading Room(Rev.Robert Andrew Mitchells!. a. mngr.), i4Chaplin st.Highfield iNTetley Reading & Coffee Room (Mrs. [...]
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