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Full text:[...] SCHOOLS IN THE EAST. 71 of the Tunis School furnished the Council with a full statement concerning the requirements of the Trades School, and urged the importance of extending the accommodation to one [...]
Full text:[...] 13 I y.—ADEN AND YEMEN. Soon after the last annual meeting, a letter * was received from the Rabbins of Aden, supplementing the information given to Mr. Alfred Falk during his visit to the Jewish Q [...]
Full text:[...] Cohen, of Mogador, and Mr. J. L. Yuly, of Mazagan. Valuable details having thus been acquired, the Anglo-Jewish Association could not remain passive in view of evils which demand prompt remedies. The [...]
Full text:[...] 38 hitherto been made to afford good religious instruction, nor have attempts been made there to open Jewish schools for imparting any kind of secular knowledge. Hundreds of Jewish children, natives o [...]
Full text:[...] the compromise offered by the Roumanian Government, take this opportunity of denying that the Anglo-Jewish Association has hitherto offered any advice to-Roumanian Jews on the subject of such [...]
Full text:[...] was held in Paris, and the various Educational and Communal Jewish questions were discussed,* the Anglo-Jewish Association was in constant consultation with the Alliance Israelite and kindred [...]
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