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Bacon, G.W.
Full text:[...] — I HE SOUTHAMPJOff QBSKRVKH, AMD WLNCHB-STfiR NKWS'-SA.TPBDAY. ,7AMT7;AR V 5/^. POUND, m BLACK and TAN TEBRIER. Owner cm* have (he Mmr by applylmg and paying xpenies lo F. (lorncastle, 6, Bridgs [...]
Full text:[...] 6 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. I % i V 1 1 ! 19 Neyland, Wm. 19 Phillips, Wm. J. 20 Leach, George 22 Brooks, George 23 Othen, Ann 23 Stride, Miss M. A. Gates, Sarah Lidden, M. J. Gutzmer, William B [...]
Full text:[...] "Il" 1 ■ ■I THE SOOTH AMP TON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NEWS-SA.TURDAT. JANUARY 19 , 1878. Evkry {description of printing executed Willi economy and despetch, *t A* —. omw. 31. Dainoa SrmmM SournaNr [...]
Full text:[...] 'if) 18 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. Milford-place. : (Blechyndeu-terrace.) Hewitt, William 1 Dominey, George 4 Exall, James 5 Ohren, Mrs. MillbanJc-street. (Northam.) Lock, Francis Martin, Henry Me [...]
Full text:[...] •f i ALPHABETICAL LIST OP STREETS. 11 17 James, H. E. 18 Bullen, E. 19 Simon, Kev. J. 20 Morris, John 21 Lampard, James 23 Mead, Thomas 24 Cambridge, R. E. BRUNSWICK TERRACE. (See East Park Terrace. [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. XXV Bushell, Jas. porter, 34, Bevois-street Bushell, Wm. brickburner, Burgess-street, Stoneham Bushman (Mary) Mrs. 72, Marland-place Butcher, Geo. engineer, 2, Hill-street [...]
Full text:[...] I t p- £ to ALPHABETICAL LIST OP SfADETB. CANAL WALK. LOWER. i 1 Crone, Eliza 2 Bell, George 3 Pearcy, W. 4 Foster, W. 6 McGrory, W. 7 Hallatt, E. 8 Strafford, T. 9 Webb, Mrs. 10 Jerram, John 11-12 W [...]
Full text:[...] 20 ALPHABETICAL LIS® OF STREETS. I |i 'if Marsh-cottages. [See Bevois-ralley.] Marsh-mad. Dacombe, George Lucas, Thomas Brinton, George Bruce, David Brunsden, Jas. W. Mdbourne-street. (Chapel.) 1 Ave [...]
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