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Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 59 London—cont. £ s. d. Mitchell, Mrs. E., 127, King's- road, Camden Town, N.W. .050 Mooatta, A., Esq., 30, Inverness-terrace, "VV. . . .110 Mocatta, E. L., Esq., ditto . 1 11 6 Mocat [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX D.—ME. MOCATTA's VISIT TO THE LEVANT. 65 that this evil will be averted, the results attained having been so satisfactory. The teaching staff in Galata appears to bo admirable. The seven or [...]
Full text:[...] TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. Be 1 YIII. Schools in the East—continued. Broussa Bucharest . Constantinople Crajova Damascus . Fez Haifa . Jassy . Jerusalem . Mogador . Philippopolis Rustchuk . Salonica [...]
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