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Full text:[...] of £50 lor tho best Scot. In the class for cows or heifers of '"I ageth* prism was laken by th* Rev. R. B. Xennard, Marnhull, Blandford; alao an extra prize of £25 given by Lord Chesham (the [...]
Full text:[...] they would continue even with more *e*l to carry oi, tlie work of reclamation as they bad previously done In the locality of ChapeL Mr Beck with gave a aliort and eamoat address. The meeting [...]
Full text:[...] to the hon. menkber to bring It forward on tho Address, in answer to th* Queen's Speech on tho previous day, or ho move a *, an amendment to th, moUon of whi^ tho UnderSecwtgnrfoflbdlA^ad given [...]
Full text:[...] the amount of the bill and in* terest. From that judgment tho defendant now appealed. The Court reversed the judgment of tho learned judge, and directed judgment entered IMPORTANT TO [...]
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