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Full text:[...] -8 EDUCATION AND JAFFA FUND. £• i 0 1 5 2 Abrahamson, A., Esq. A Widow's Mite . . Belisha, I. D., Esq. Benisch, Dr..... Bergtheil, J., Esq. . . Bischoffsheim, H. L, Esq. 50 Block, N., Esq., Birmingham [...]
Full text:[...] f 11 responded to, and there is every reason to believe that this new fund will greatly help to facilitate the diffusion of knowledge amongst various Jewish communities. As a first attempt in the trai [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES AND AGENCIES. 11 Brighton Branch will become a very important portion of the Anglo-Jewish Association. On the 20th of May the Secretary of the Association, who was accompanied by Mr. Louis Hy [...]
Full text:[...] 112 OWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT. LEEDS—COM*. f 5. (f. Derry, W., Esq., Boro' Accountant,Leeds . . . . 0 5 0 Eddison, John, Esq., Bri- tanniarstreet, Leeds . .050 Eggleston, W. H., Esq., Dews- bury .....0 5 [...]
Full text:[...] HOME AFFAIRS. 17 I! In accordance with a further resolution of the Council, a letter, embodying the preceding entry, was sent to Mr. Ralph Disraeli, and copies of this letter were forwarded, both to t [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 15 cester. and North Shields, where he formed new Branches. Many new members were inscribed in these towns. A cordial expression of thanks was voted to the Secretary for the successful perfo [...]
Full text:[...] 98 FOURTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Birmingham—cont. Marks,Henry, Esq., 148,Gooch- street ..... Marks, J., Esq., Hunter's-lane Morris, H., Esq., Summer-hill Morris, Isaac, Esq., Monument-road ■ • ■ ■ a Musli [...]
Full text:[...] I 168 JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK. Telegrams—" Sandcll. Southampton." Telephone No. 101. SANDELL BROTHERS, #liip agents and COAL FACTORS, &e., 79, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. SPEAK FOR THEMSELVE [...]
Full text:[...] B'STABLt8'HEO. A. B. C'fT©. fk. (late sheldon), g § ds9 mwm&mmm, IRONMONGER, Soppewmitft, l&zapeiy 3iu, 3zou, and .Sine TPfate Wotkez, GAS-FITTER, BELL-HANGER, LOCK AND WHITESMITH, Manufacturer of S [...]
Full text:[...] J. BISHOP, 2, Bernard Street, Southampton, hhhuni mssmssm The following is a List of the Prices of a few of the articles, and the public are respectfully assured that other goods not mentioned are eq [...]
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