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Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 85 ZAST Of aCA&SCVZZBE/i'.S'. Blaiberg, S., Esq. . Follick, C.. Esq. Phillips, P., Esq., St. Mary- street ..... Burnett, Louis, Esq. Cohen, J., Esq., Canton, Cardiff ...... Cohen, H. P., Esq [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. BIS 35 BIRCH ROAD, Shirley. From 98 Coxford road to 2 Coxford place. 1 Short Ernest g Waite Harold Jn 5 Quick Mrs , 7 AUanach Thos 9 Yaldren Leslie Chas. Jas 11 Clouder Wm 13 Mason [...]
Full text:[...]  THE SOUTHAMPTON OBSERVER AND WINCHESTER NEWS-SATURDAY- MARCH 16 1878. epitome 0? news. rrspondcncc up*n the wbjoct, Trraaury may Utai they haw n the widowoa mother of thi* ui _ j fund* to eompensnto [...]
Full text:[...] 83 REPORT OF THE BIRMINGHAM BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. officers. Rev. George J. Emanuel, B.APresident. L. C. Cohen, Esq., Treasurer. Alfred Jacob, Esq., Hon. Secretary. P. Aaron, Esq. M. [...]
Full text:[...] southampton street directory. 8l 9 Clift George 10 South Henry 11 Boyce Mrs T2 FramptonJohn,boot maker a3 Denbow Thomas 14 Piper William 15 Brazier Alfd 16 Rose Frank 17 Morgan Mrs 18 Shitler Thomas [...]
Full text:[...] f - 120 BROMLEY CHARLES SYDNEY, cycle maker 122 MooreMrs.Emma.shpkpr 124 Lisle Arthur W. D. hosier 128 Eastmans Lim. butchers 130 Beef AlbertEdwd.engravr 130 Telephone Call Office 132 Smith Thomas Hu [...]
Full text:[...] NORTH LONDON DISTRICT CANVASSING COMMITTEE. 87 LIST OF ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS ENROLLED AT THE PUBLIC MEETING. Mis. Atrutel .... Messrs Cohen Bros, (increased to)...... Ephraim Cohen, Esq; A. V. Crewel, Es [...]
Full text:[...] 90 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. GLASGOW—f a. d. Lizars, J. L., Esq., 70, Robertson-street . . . .0 5 0 Lizars, 8., Bug., 5, West Campbell-street . . . . 0 5 0 Louis, A., Esq., 196, Sauchic- hall-street . [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. BIS 39 14 Soriven Thos. Gr 16 Jackett Jsph. Edwd 18 Banks Arcnbld 20 Mallard Rt. Fredk 22 Waiford Chas 24 Brown Geo. Hy BIRCH ROAD, Bassett. From Winchester road to Chilworth road, [...]
Full text:[...] 88 REPORT OP THE BIRMINGHAM BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION. OFFICERS. Rev. George J. Emanuel, B.A., President. M. Moses, Esq., Treasurer. S. N. Solomon, Esq., Hon. Secretary. J. Aaron, Esq. H. [...]
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