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Full text:[...] LIST OF NAMES. IV- Y\ A Early, John, tailor, Bevois-valley East, Joseph, carpenter, Bittern Eastman, Misses, Berlin warehouse, 5, [...]
Full text:[...] solicitor 63 Levene Solomon 64 Godfrey Charles E. & Co, music warehouse 66 Trowbridge Albert John, florist & fruiterer 67 Shiel Geo. boot & shoe ma 63 Hine Brothers, brewers 69 Cheesman Georgo [...]
Full text:[...] 88 The Council thought that the fact of giving the additional £100 conditionally on other kindred Institutions on the Continent and elsewhere subscribing at least £400, would create a stimulus among s [...]
Full text:[...] of extending equal privileges and full religious liberty to all classes of the population, and Sir John Drummond Hay reports that _ he has recently made personal representations in this sense during his [...]
Full text:[...] 44 NINTH ANNUAL KEPOKT, cities—where, however, all political rights are conceded to the Jews—has not yet been repealed, and presents a most objectionable inconsistency, which should be removed as [...]
Full text:[...] 4, Blechynden-street Dyett, Geo. hairdresser and newsagent, 36, St. Mary's-street Dyett, John, publican, Red Lion Inn, Totton Dyke, Chas. master mariner, Itchen Ferry Dyke, Wm. butcher, [...]
Full text:[...] Richard, blacksmith, Swanwick Hewitt, George, innkeeper, Prince of Wales, Northam-road Hewitt, John, esq. Fairlawn Park, Nursling Hewett, Dowager Lady, Freemantle Park Heydon, Henry, carpenter and [...]
Full text:[...] schools in the east. 49 I I , liave, as heretofore, granted a subvention of £30 to this institution through the Berlin Society for the Education of Jewish Orphans in Palestine. An anonymous donor, at [...]
Full text:[...] 52 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. large part of the commerce of the country, developing its resources, hut at the same time arousing the jealousy which success in trade and the creation of capital usually [...]
Full text:[...] Max Veitel, Esq. Betzold, George, Esq. Boas, H., Esq. . Jaffo, Alfred, Esq. . Jaffe, John, Esq., J.P. . J afro', Otto, Esq. Loewenthal, J., Esq. Veitel, Max, Esq. . BERLIN. Kochler, Herr [...]
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