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Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON AND DISTRICT PICTORIAL. June 5, 1911. Telephone No. 646. HECTOR YOUNG Estate Agent. Valuer. Rents Collected. TO LET. FOR SALE. Hi • 8 Rooms, Bath Ordaaace Road 8 Rooms, Bath Shirley [...]
Full text:[...] XCV1 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. r Vignolles, J. esq. Westwood, Stoneham Vincent, Capt. 13, Bugle-street Vincent, Rev. Frederick, Brunswick-cottage, Brunswick-place Vincent, James, coke-ovens, Mount [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 135 --- BRADFORD BRANCH OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ASSOCIATION HONORARY OFFICERS. J. A. Unna, Esq., President. George Simon, Esq., Vice-President and Treasurer. Rev. Dr. J. Strauss, Hon. Secretar [...]
Full text:[...] 136 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. which has been discouraged by the enlightened attitude of the Royal Family at Berlin. Note was taken of the ill-treatment which Jews experienced in Hungary, and of the banishm [...]
Full text:[...] CX11 PROFESSIONS AND TBADES. Hampshire Banking Company Maddison and Pearce National Provincial Banking Company Barrister. Hulton, E. H. esq. Baths. Dear, C. Pardey, Mrs. Webb, J. Berlin Warehouses. C [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST Of NAMES. 123 Hicks, Henry, baker, Church street, Shirley .... ^ Hicks, Hugh, shipwright, 24, Belvedere terrace, Northam Hicks, Nicholas, shipwright, 4, Northbrook road Hicks, Thoma [...]
Full text:[...] TABLE OF CONTENTS—continued. Alphabetical Index to Localities where the Anglo-Jewish Association has Branches, Agencies, Committees, and Members :— Adelaide, 91 ; Bagdad, 72; Ballarat, 92; Barberton, [...]
Full text:[...] CV111 jPBOFESSIONS ANT) TRADES. Diddams John, Cossack-st. Kingsland Dominey, George, Nelson-ter. Hill . Edney. T. 1, West-street Edwards, H. 40, Middle East street Evans, G. Hill Fitch, W. 67, Middle [...]
Full text:[...] CXXX11 PBOFtSSIOKS AND TBADES. ( Storror, Wm. 58 and 59, French-st. Tucker, John T. 32, Above-bar Weston, J. R. 37, High-street Williams, E. 30, Bugle-street, ant 170, High-street Bakers (Bread and B [...]
Full text:[...]  Ui SWvBoWl TOTOTG MAN AocomtomWJk: dolhdt THE! SHITTMlMPTfyN: OBSERyEH 'ASP' WlMUtlgSTBR ' NEWSH?ATURD3JY;IA4&Y lip. 1W& fl IQfi-STREBT CHAMBERS, aemt'th. "VfERVOnS DEBIUTZ. — QBATIS, > _L-1 : Ms [...]
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