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Full text:[...] J. Taylor Bore and Co., 123 db 124, High-street (continued). RIBBONS.—Their plain stock, both coloured and black, is of superior quality Their figured and fancy stock (French and English) is such as [...]
Full text:[...] 82 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Hill, Thomas, esq., Fir-grove, Westend Hill, Thomas, Hill-top-farm, Beaulieu Hill, Thomas, grocer, Totton Hill, Thomas, pork-butcher, 4, Upper Canal walk Hill, Thomas, [...]
Full text:[...] l: ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 87 Jackman, John, grocer, 50, Bevois-street Jackman, Mary, beer-retailer, Coxford, Shirley Jackson, George, gardener, Westend Jackson, William, 5, Hill-street I Jackson [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. 93 wtev, James, basket-maker, 2, James-street Lauder, G. W. F., of the Hants Advertiser, West-quay Laurence, Thomas, herald-painte^ 9, Sussex-terrace Lavanchy, Francis Lou [...]
Full text:[...] 152 PROFESSIONS AND TEADES. Kennish, C., Nursling Kimber, Nath., 1, Lr. Bedford-pl. King, Thomas, Shirley Lane, Charles, 15, North-front Lane, Charles, 11, West-street Langford, F., 13, Middle East-s [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. 81 Chandler, Mrs., Brookside cottage, Park road, Freemantle Chandler, Thomas, printer, Chestnut cottage, Varna road, Freemantle Chandler, Thomas, 7, Anglesea terrace, Bevo [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST Of NAMES. 123 Hicks, Henry, baker, Church street, Shirley .... ^ Hicks, Hugh, shipwright, 24, Belvedere terrace, Northam Hicks, Nicholas, shipwright, 4, Northbrook road Hicks, Thoma [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF KAMBS. 17§ Sanders, George, smith, 25, Winchester street Sanders, Henry, tailor, 9, James' street Sandersj H. L, builder and contractor, 7, Hanover buildings; building works, Nor [...]
Full text:[...] 190 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. Stevens, John, H.M.C., Castlemalwood Cottage. Park road, Freemantfo Stevens, Joseph, manager Driver & Co.'s timber yard, Old Northam Stevens, Mrs., Lodge villa, Millb [...]
Full text:[...] SOtJlHAMfTON SSREfiT DIRECTOKY. 108 Allum Thos. 0.8.0. Eose cottg. Finlayson Alex, seedsman, Et- trick cottage Rose G. W. Claverton cottage Candy George, 0.8.0. Nelson cottage Bromfield Miss Eose, Eo [...]
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