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Full text:[...] 24 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Russia, the Association, in conjunction with the Alliance Israelite, gave its attention to emigration schemes, some of which emanated from Russia, others from the United Sta [...]
Full text:[...] servia.—russia. 21 r k * Office. The despatch states that through the good offices of Mr. Vice-Consul Baker, a Jewish widow at Nisch had been fully compensated for some house property, of which the Mu [...]
Full text:[...] 24 ' Bachshi ben Simon, Ismail ben Suleiman, and Fettou-lah ben Eliah, who declared that they had come to London for the purpose of submitting certain grievances to the Council of the Association, to [...]
Full text:[...] russia. 25 A, y4- sequent days, wlien Sir Julian Groldsmid and the Eev. Dr. Hermann Adler, as representatives of the Mansion House Committee, met representatives from various other countries, and join [...]
Full text:[...] XXX11 ALPHABETICAL LIST OP NAMES. Channell, Wm. builder, Portswood Chaplin, Sam. merchant and teadealer, 121, High-street Chaplin, Wm. esq. Russell-lodge, Highfield Chapman (Chas. Matthew), Lieut. R. [...]
Full text:[...] 0 m (I U ,, IS MiaaWlklvedU*. Ill ' ■S^fTHE gOUITHAMCTQCfHiTOjlEUVBfti/ANlM^I^RSTTER/ NjSW.Srr-S^UWAY-r^^g^JBY-,2tiP 1878. ■TTTANTED. > a. respectable GIRL about. -N6W KBADY. LOST, A WHrrH KITTKN, pe [...]
Full text:[...] XXII * ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. I''- Channell and Ridges, grocers, teadealers, and fruit importers, 24, High-street (see adv. p. 96) Channell, Jas. merchant, 3, Gothic-cottages, Shirley Channell, [...]
Full text:[...]  an /n .TXaifAW^A'I JATlia'U I (!%/. V/A.I HUT aaaunor naasTs uoi' iJii BuaoixieuHi f.nEEZT8I03d) "MEWS. ANB^ammNgME t .iiirnfl wal-icxYI f.;t j . i nail ,«f?u H .f Wo? ml) 1 J flow vol..x—^no 556 [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF NAMES. xli Dyer, gardener, 4, Blechynden-street Dyett, George, hairdresser, 36, St. Mary's-street Dyett, John, publican, Red Lion Inn, Totton Dyke, Charles, master mariner, Itche [...]
Full text:[...] 32 Dyer, William, gardener, 4, Bletchynden street Dyer, James, carpenter, Millbrook Dyett, John, Red Lion, Totton Dyke, Charles, Itchen Ferry Dymott, William, innkeeper, Anchor Inn, Northam Dymott, M [...]
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