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Full text:[...] BOUMAMA. 17 IV.—ROUMANIA. Since tlie conclusion of the Berlin Treaty, the Roumanian Legislature has deprived the Jews ot many means of gaining an honest livelihood. Frequent communications were receiv [...]
Full text:[...] schools in the east. 49 I I , liave, as heretofore, granted a subvention of £30 to this institution through the Berlin Society for the Education of Jewish Orphans in Palestine. An anonymous donor, at [...]
Full text:[...] TWELFTH ANNUAL REPORT For instance, Roumania, whose autonomy was constituted by the Treaty of Berlin, and whose obligation to emancipate the Roumanian Jews (250,000 souls) was formulated in the same T [...]
Full text:[...] >0 tenth annual report. first instance, submit their complaints to their own Government. Continuance op Jewish Disabilities.'—The correspondence relative to the Jews in Roumania dealt principally wi [...]
Full text:[...] servia.—russia. 21 r k * Office. The despatch states that through the good offices of Mr. Vice-Consul Baker, a Jewish widow at Nisch had been fully compensated for some house property, of which the Mu [...]
Full text:[...] TUNIS.-PALESTINE. 61 Nab el to dispose of his merchandise, and calling at the house of an Arab he left his friend waiting outside. Soon afterwards a rumour was spread that the Jew had been murdered. T [...]
Full text:[...] 62 TENTH ANNUAL REPORT. efforts to provide proper schooling for children who came within the scope of their charity. The Council, joining in the work of the Berlin Society, granted a subvention of £30 [...]
Full text:[...] 33rusf>ma&er, §«rc. &o t$e ^ueeri. WHOLESALE, RETAIL, AND EXPORT BRUSH, BASKET, PATTEN, & CLOG MANUFACTURER, AND iwniEA3L wAm3mm©n@mmAw,, 455, Stzeetj tSout^aiuptow. ESTABLISHED IN THE TEAR 1800. [...]
Full text:[...] m JLEHlDflDlP, "WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL Cnrafr, ®eketr fc /ntrri} Calitot 134, HIGH STREET, SOUTHAMPTON. (Nearly Opposite Holy Hood Church.) ; J£cu/ted' one/^en t/emen'd ^^eddwij? Waded, «0 [...]
Full text:[...] JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK 93 ! S.s. *' Paris," lo,Hoo Tons; 20,000 HA'. American Line. Southampton Office—Canute Road. Agents—Messrs. Richardson, Spence & Co. The Company's Steamers sail from [...]
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