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Full text:[...] [ 3 ] connected with the Hartley Institution, a body of gentlemen whose services are available for the purpose of carrying on the more advanced studies of the College on terms that would be impractic [...]
Full text:[...] Association shall, as far as may be deemed desirable, act in unison with the Alliance Israelite'.Universelle, or with any other body having similar objects ; but shall also have power to act [...]
Full text:[...] personal explanation to subscribers of the labours of the Association and those of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, in order that the support of the present members may be retained and as an [...]
Full text:[...] with a movement so important in its bearing on the welfare of hundreds of thousands of brother Israelites. The Council wish to place on record their warmest thanks to Mr. L. Hyams for the exemplary [...]
Full text:[...] 28 NINTH ANNUAL REPORT. the help of Mr. Benzecry, Mr. Cohen kept up during many months a constant correspondence with this Association. During the whole of this time the kinsmen of the deceased Moor, [...]
Full text:[...] 200 NINTH ANNUAL EEPOET. IMPORTANT NOTICES. 1. Every Member interested in the progress of the Anglo-Jewish. Association is requested to assist in obtaining additional members. 2. The laws of the Anglo [...]
Full text:[...] NOTICES. To the Honorary OSoers of Branches and to Ordinary Members of the Association, 1. Please to make it known on fitting occasions that the Anglo-Jewish Association seeks to organise Schools for [...]
Full text:[...] 14 TENTH ANNUAL EEPOET. correspondent of the Anglo-Jewish Association, was deservedly elected, the head of the new Branch, which is expected to be the medium for spreading the advantages of a sound Je [...]
Full text:[...] communications which have passed between this Association and the Board of Deputies, the Alliance Israelite Universelle, the Alliance in Vienna, and the heads of the Union of American Hebrew [...]
Full text:[...] of M. Etnanuel F. Veneziani, one of the leading members of the Central Committee of the Alliance Israelite Universelle. His powerful address at one of the annual meetings of the Association was in [...]
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