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Full text:[...] persia. 23 endeavouring, it seems, to evade compliance with the Shah's orders. I have informed Mirza Sa'id Khan that no arrangement in respect to this matter, which does not provide for the hond signe [...]
Full text:[...] PREFACE. 1 In. issuing a New Edition of the Post-Office Directory, the Compiler begs to remark, that the rapid increase of the Town and Neighbourhood renders the preparation of the work a difficult a [...]
Full text:[...] 66 PROGRAMME. BaUp Bycursions. Bach day, at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. (and at other times by arrangement), parties from the Exhibition will be conducted to The Tudor House (by kind permission of W. P. G. Sp [...]
Full text:[...] advertisements. 63$ ZHTZEITIRrZ" HYCOZRZRIS, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR. Designs fob ant Descbipton of Buildings ob Altebations. Sanitaby Surveys and Sections fob Dbainage, Eoads, &c. ARTIFICERS' WORK ME [...]
Full text:[...] AND NEW "Messes. Adams and Stilliaed's New Premises.—The establishment in the High-street, formerly occupied by Messrs. Hyles and Son and the Southampton Regatta Club, all of whom were suddenly eject [...]
Full text:[...] Mutual Life Assurance without Individual Responsibility. THE PROVIDENT CLERKS' wtual fife |lssitrairte ^Usflriittioir. ESTABLISHED 184:0. ANNUAL PREMIUMS TO SECURE £100 AT DEATH. with profits. Age 20 [...]
Full text:[...] shall give notice in writing of the alteration desired, to the Secretary, at least fourteen days before the meeting. 8. Notice of all proposed alterations in, and additions to the laws shall be insert [...]
Full text:[...] 68 ELEVENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Mr. Benchimol, the Master, is desirous of taking non-paying pupils as soon as he possibly can. IV.—SCHOOL at mogador. Master, Mr. Judah Bendahan. Number of pupils in school [...]
Full text:[...] 24 twelfth annual report. who have lately suffered ill-treatment at the hands of the police authorities here, I have the honour to state that I have used every endeavour to protect these people from p [...]
Full text:[...] ma MOROCCO. 45 Enclosure in No. 126. Cid Mohameb Ben Moktsar to Sir J. Drtjmmond Hay. [Translation.] 25 Joomacl, 1297 (Jlay 5th, 1880). We have received the memorandum in which it is stated that the r [...]
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