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Full text:[...] 64 SIXTEENTH ANNUAL EEPOET. LONDOls—cont, Marsden, Stephen L., Esq., 4, Kensington-gardens-ter., W. Marx, Herman, Esq., 82, Strand May, N., Esq., 19, Change Alley, E.C..... Mayer, Alphonse, Esq., The [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF DONATIONS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS AT DINNER. 7-3 DINNER LIST—.conf. Per 8. Francis HoSnnng, Eaq. His Excellency Abraham HofEnnng, Hawaian Ohargd d'ASairea . . . . 10 10 0 8. HofEnnng, Esq. . . . 10 [...]
Full text:[...] ISO sixteenth annual report. to be liberally fed by its Branches, in order to carry out to the full its benevolent services to the suffering of our race, or in the removal of those prejudices which st [...]
Full text:[...] 54 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. London—cont. Green, M. A., Esq., Verona, Canfield-gardens, N.W. Green, M. J., Esq., 1, Harrow-road, W. .... Greenwall, J., Esq., 128, Strand. W.C...... Grey, Joseph, Esq., [...]
Full text:[...] 94 Eighteenth annual report. Manchester—cont. £ s. d. Henriques, R. Q., Esq., Cumberland-street . . .050 Henriques, F. Q., Esq., ditto .050 Henriques, E. Q., Esq., ditto .050 Henriques, Arthur Q., Esq [...]
Full text:[...] The Conditions of Lots 5 and 6 will be produced at the Sale. PARTICULARS. CONDITIONS OF SALE As to Lots 1 to 4, inclusive. No. lot l.~ The Conveniently Situated f J 78, ALBERT STREET, CHAPEL, (Neat t [...]
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