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Full text:[...]  I'. # r I K1 r- |Pr- K 718 BUR SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Burt Ernest A. F. Obelisk hotel, Obelisk rd; Woolston Burt Jn. Hy. C.S.P., B.P.A. physiotherapist, 334 Hill Is, BURT M. H. (MRS.)i board [...]
Full text:[...] in 722 CON" SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD : Kg I I I I - ii." ' J' v . Conconi Louis Mitchell, shopkpr. 85 Foundry la. Millbrook CONDUC (SOUTHAMPTON) LTD. mineral water manufacturers^ 13 Park rd. Fre [...]
Full text:[...] M * ft i ' V. T 740 Ulli SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Hill Top Garage (A. Haslam, propr.), 51 Highfield la. Highfield Hill Top Garage (A. Mclvor), car hire service, 51 Highfield lane, Highfield. Tel [...]
Full text:[...] 778 CLI SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Clinton Restaurants Ltd. (head office), 4, 5 & 6 Houndwell pi ClissolcLs Cafe, 30 & 31 Hanover bldgs Clothes Oare Ltd. dyers & cleaners, 10 Eom-sey rd. Shirley C [...]
Full text:[...] 798 HIT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Hitchin D. M. (Miss) L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. teacher of music, 49 Whitworth rd. Bitterne Park H.M. Customs & Excise (J. G. Davies, surveyor; A. Cope, H. A. M. Robinso [...]
Full text:[...] 822 PUG- SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Pugh Ronald Fairfax, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 22 King's Park rd. Tel. No. 27133 (4 lines) Pullen G. & Son Ltd. builders, Millbrook Industrial Site, M [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. SUN 839 Stiles I. (Mrs.), confctnr. 48 Bevois Valley rd Stiles Stanley, beer retlr. 43i Orchard la Stock Regrtld Gilbt. Cedric, insur. agt. 5 Friars way, Wessex la. Swaythling S [...]
Full text:[...] U- 1106 STA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD 13 i- lt- * t w I' P If- % Stationers—continued. White H. (Miss A. Winter, M. W. Morrish & L. G. Morrlsh, proprietors) (& post office), 48 Lodge rd. Telepho [...]
Full text:[...] Ij ii 1264 STE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD i . ) r.;s Steam & Navigation Companies—continued. British
Full text:[...] til XI !■ 1264 STE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD III Steam & Navigation Companies—continued. British
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