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MS137/AJ95/ADD3 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
MS137/AJ95/ADD2 Council minute book for the Anglo-Jewish Association
Full text:[...] 50 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Jews are also found in tlie Khanates, mostly traders, and rather a fine race, but badly treated. India, China, &c.—Many of the large cities of India contain Jews, thoug [...]
Full text:[...] 124 SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. hitherto the darkness and squalor of ignorance. Where individual efforts have been made by the members of this Branch to gain an accession of members, the inane plea has [...]
Full text:[...] 91 NINETEENTH ANNUAL REPORT. Barberton—CO Levin, G., Esq. Levin, Mrs. G. Lasker, T.. Esq. Lazarus, B.. Esq. Martyn, L„ Esq. Millar, —. Esq. Morris, N. D., Esq. Myers, T., Ksq. Nelson, J., Esq. Richard [...]
Full text:[...] BRANCHES. 127 local calls on the Jewish community, the amount collected and forwarded to London last year was £15. 10s., and a draft will be transmitted by the outgoing mail as this year's subscriptio [...]
Full text:[...] APPENDIX A—PROCEEDINGS AT ANNUAL MEETING. 47 in the different parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa with which we have to deal, and I gladly turn from this painful and sad picture to the report dealing wi [...]
Full text:[...] LIST OF MEMBERS. 63 Egypt—cont. Naggiar, Giaoomo, Esq.. . Piha, Abraham, Esq. . Piha, Elic, Esq. . • Piha, Jacques A., Esq. . Rolo, Giacomo, Esq. . Rolo, Simon, Esq. . • Salama, S. di G., Esq. . Per P [...]
Full text:[...] ! LIST OF MEMBERS. 81 [Reprintedfrom, last year's list.] Annual Members. Egypt—cont. £ s.
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