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Full text:[...] 'if) 18 ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS. Milford-place. : (Blechyndeu-terrace.) Hewitt, William 1 Dominey, George 4 Exall, James 5 Ohren, Mrs. MillbanJc-street. (Northam.) Lock, Francis Martin, Henry Me [...]
Full text:[...]  ORDERS TO JOHN ADAMS, >\ 43, Oxford Street, \ ^ k\ SOUTHAMPTON. \V Tiie Shipping World, Ltd., Effingham House, Arundel Street, Strand, London, W.C. [...]
Full text:[...] ALPHABETICAL LIST OF STREETS; 19 4 Early, John 6 Rook, Thomas 7 Budden, Robt. 8 Elmer, Robt. 9 Bridges, James 11 Beeston, John 13 Mansbridge, Wm. 14 Wyatt, Samuel 15 Cunningham, Alex. 16 Gradige, Ge [...]
Full text:[...] 43rd Year of Issue• JOHN ADAMS'S SOUTHAMPTON ALMANACK Ctfre anb Uantixal Sables, For 1897. A MISCELLANY OF USEFUL ENTERTAINING AND LOCAL INFORMATION. Price 6d. SOUTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by [...]
Full text:[...] i8 kelly's directory of southampton. Home of the Good Shepherd, 13 Portland terrace ; Mrs. M. A. May, superior Hospital of God's House, Winkle street; Rev. J. A. Whitlock m.a. warden & chaplain Inlan [...]
Full text:[...] 1$ alphabetical list of streets. I f; fc i I \ 2 Reed, James 3 Whitlock, Charles 4 Leach, John 5 Steele, John 6 Roberts, Mrs. M. 7 Ralph, John 8 Adams, George $ Harris, George 10 Tregenza, William [...]
Full text:[...] kelly's directory 0? southampton. 19 Volunteers. Hampshire Yeomanry Cavalry (B Troop), A. H. Grant, captain, Royal hotel, Above Bar street ist Volunteer (Hants) Brigade, Southern Division, Royal Arti [...]
Full text:[...]  BOinHAMPTOX POLICE. 5ATURUAV. Defer* J. H. Cooksey, *£q. (Chairman), Aldirman Lamb. ii A J- '■ DKONKKWMM.—J»mM Hampton. a hone dealer warn brought up on & warraui for havlny neglected to appear to a [...]
Full text:[...] alphabetical list of streets. 22 Sharp, James 23 Dible, Wm. jun. 24 Kelway, Robert C. 25 Bolt, George 26 Dible, William 27 Locke, William 28 Churchill, Harriet 29 Churcher, Reuben 30 Simmons, Edward [...]
Full text:[...] alphabetical list of streets. ! Prospect-place ( Upper). 1 Leigh, Mrs. 2 Langridge, Mrs. 3 Ancell, Mrs. 5 Bradley, Mrs. 4 Doswell, Richard 9 Bell, Leonard 8 Osborn, Henry 7 Read, Mrs. 6 De Vine, Tho [...]
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