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April 17, 1912.

Buttons arc playing1 a most important part in all the new frocks, costumes, blouses, mod ©von small aocomorioa like vesta, or jabots. And they are of a variety which is a most be-wikkring though carcful icrutiny will often ahow that mome of (he meet charming can be canned out by anyone with a knowledge of liwedlecraft. One pretty style is covered first in silk or satin and then ornamented with what aro known as "long French knots." A very big knot ii made by twisting the silk many timcH round the needle, after which instead of returning t&a needle where it wns originally pushed through the silk, so mm to leave the usual French knot, it is carried to the edge of the button and secured there. Eaoh needleful of. silk, whon pullod out thus forms a long "caterpillar," and those arranged at regular intervals from centre to edge mako a star shaped device on tha button. Excellent effects may be obtained by using a darker silk for the work than that of the button ground.
Although we are now favoured with a little I more width in our frocks it still behoves us to , curb any tendency to exuberance in petticoats if i we would look well d.twsed. The new under-t-kirts have very flatly pleated and scanty flounces no matter of what material they are made. Alpaca and soft satin are both preferable to ails, mm the latter unless of excellent quality is apt to split, awl when very good it has a rustle thai at the present moment has no charm for our cmn*. It is m good plmn to make a really j well fitted top aching to just below the know, and to have two or threo flat pleated flounces ' which can be buttoned on ma required. In this I wmy the gown will mlwmys mil perfectly over the hips, whiie the colour of the underskirt (or at lemmt as much of it mm cmn possibly show) can be varied to match different frocks. Further m longer flounce can be umud for house gownm than for the nhort outdoor skirt.
, leaves. The dremxing-ahed, alias the Fallows' mummer house, faced it., mod there on the seat i they laid their garments of state.
Lewis stretched himself, naked in the moon-
' From the luxury of an eifeto civilisation.
good Heaven deliver urn!" ho amid, mnd plunged ; in. Brsdby and Be ton, without lowed. It wss prime.
I low sharp " (he contrast—heated, croanM ballroom to peat hlaok wstcra flocked with
WM. RISE & eo.
costumieres, Milliners, Furriers and Fancy Drapers.
"Or garden slime and Cambridge loam," earned Brmdby. \
6eton merely dived at Lewis s legs and pulled him under, with a vain longing that the suede waistcoat, much derided, were there, too.
They emerged, spluttering, to a cataclysm. A key ground in the look, and by the legal entrance came m Fellow and m' Dame.
" Here, my dear Misa Arabella, in this mellowed old garden, wo may give our minds to the problem that ia before us, uninfluenced by strains of sensuous music, or the insidious wait*, which ha*, no doubt, influenced many a man to his disadvantage."
C Creech 1 apeeehl" from Br Why.)
"Aren't you afraid of the demoralising effect of the moonlight?" inquired ha companion,
" Tlie, moon should rather throw light on the
" Of courso you mean the extension of that fifth chapter to include-"
They moved towards the summer-home. The lady was Mta Arabella Tatham, mathematical coach at Qirnham. S1h> and St. Lager were collaborating in a work for the torment of the
**"%oy'ro aittsny on our clothcel" came in 1 agonised ac^nta from Bixwlby.
" Are those water-lilies on the water?" asked Mi/a Arabella, in the determined tones of one who changes the subject.
Three agitated heads disappeared below the : water, ami remained until they ctuld bear it no longer. They emerged to hear—
"I should not go too near the water if I were you. It is reputwl to be full of dead •parrows—
22, High Street, Southampton. 'minS^Sf'Si™ '&•
° 1 . Seton. disgustedly.

light suppe I would mention
possible fo

spring as in tJio winter, for treacherous winds often blow in combination with the brightest of sunshine, while the evenings aro remarkably chilly in contrast to the days. Such a slip on may he readily made smart ma well as cosy, espttially hy the use of the popular reversible materials.—An original model wmm in mole cloth with sulphur yellow for tke : overs. The collar and cuffs showed a randyked effect am bordering, and the buttons covered with the Milphur cloth oontributed much to the general design.
A correspondent has raised a very interesting point by oaking for hinta ma to laying out 15a. per week on food for two persons. I would suggest the following menus: Breakfast: bacon and fried bread; scrambled eggs on toast; homemade kedgeree made from remmina of Amh <11nruff;• and ini addition oatmeal porridge if liked, and of course toast or broad and butter or marmalade which is wbokmome as woH as on-expensive. Dinners: brisket of beef; aheep'm head, Irimh atew, bcaf pudding made from Mm-mlngs not rump |^oak, etewed shin of Ibeaf; toad in the hole, rabbit and several kinds of fish, may .Suppers and teas vary a good lanocm and occupation: were preferred to a substantial tea homemade petted meat, sheep's ohccse, tripe, potato rolls, and
In arranging a week's menus it is best to get a simply of certain articles of everyday use which will last the week, and then to estimate the day's *, where a piece of meat o meals tho. whole cost s spresd over those days. A table of daily iliture kept for, say a month, is mora roll for a week, and tho wise house who takes advantage of certain articles being cheap on certain days or at certain seasons. If any of my readers like to give' their own experience on this subject I am sure it will st, and will prove helpful hould be given as nearly lything purchased, it being '
N.I)—We have a great number of gratifying restiinonials, which can be read if desired, from customers abroad expressing mmtimfmc-iUed. If wa can please we can certainly please
lion. WITHOUT beliL them WITHOUT fitting you WITH fitting.
(live us a trial. Prices very Moderate. We know no ono can serve you better. .
pleased In waive suggestion* from ind. to anmrer questions in Una hk, the Household, Needlework, etc. •ach me Not Later than TUESDAY rniii-ir, if an mnewer is desired the following Kindly mddremm—Mrs. NOVELLO, Box 16,
Particularly chjirming aleo are those buttons carriwl out in plain silk embroidered in the centre with a tiny spray of ribbon rosebuds, for get-mc-nota or other wumll bkmom. Theme look moet mttrmctiro on evening gowns, dainty indoor frocka, or evening wraps. Fancy laca or net blown* are often adorn*d with minute buttons covewd with ninon of some bright colour, which mppemm mgmin in the form of m (old mt neck and sleeve*. Three again are easy to make at home, for tiny moulds oNarious shap-s can be bought, and even ordinary wooden beads may be covered ' for.bultongXf iha smallest KM-
the hard skin following poi
*aet_ (llobbler).—Bathe (tho " daily, use pumieastooe\*o i
the footxand aprinkle the in tho \stockinca every nch chalk and bormwc arid, of both lo*. in powder, eucmlyptum oil 30 crop". mix well. Sometimes a small ;«ad nf absorbant cotton wool may bo used under the foot where the hard skin forms; thin should bo changed wh«n it becomes matted and flattened.
- Rarirtng Velvet.—Pams orer tha atcam of bail-ing water till well damped, then over a hot Iron sot up on end, the pile side being always upper-
China Cement iMinii).-Take of white lead one part, 6ia gluo one pmrt. and wtiw of egg one nart. mix wsjl. mod apply *6e edgf. of the broken artrle mftar tk* ham hern washed if ntofaamry in hot soda and water.
"The Tale of a Tank."
It warn a May-week night of June, tho night, of ' the College Ball, winch gay ace no three bored youths in a doorway regarded with spiritless eyes. Bnwlby, Lewis, and So ton stood near the basket of mbawlm provided for tho shoulders of the rack Ices fair who prowl the College lawn between dances, and am they stood, they condemned— utterly. They th/-m*elv<* were faultless, immaculate—everything else was wanting.
" Never saw uuch a plain lot of girl* in my life, " said Brodby, regarding the "chaps' sisters ' with
"I don't mind the Boston in moderation," conceded Seton, " but that Grafton (imllcrie* stag-g«»r and the Empns* Hotnia crab-ciuwl I do bar I '
" Hark! Thi* band are letting off pop-guns cow," groaned Lewis, offoctcdly—' pop-gun* in-stoad of the 'compelling strings!' And their music sickens me—their mock holy measures, their realistic effects!" He leant exbaustodly on the doorpost.
" I vote we go and bathe in the tank," said Br ad by, suddenly.
Every member of the College knows the tank in the Fellows' garden, reached legally through the door by the masters' lodge with a key, illegally by climlang the paddock wall. One is j»rmit4cd to Utths there boforo eight o'clock in i the morning, consequently one nover does. But the idea of discarding hi* pale grey suede waist-coat and other garments, and laving himself by moonlight, apj>eaTed to Lewis's effete mind. j*eton jumped at the lark of it. Hrmdby, thiU than of sense, merely frit hot and wished to feel cool.
They rest a last look at the heated, jostling 1 crowd of contortionist* before stealing out. ,
"The twicc-breathed air," *aid Lewis. He is the | man who always talks in-quotations, which he ia rarely allowed to finish.
"Out of the sound* of--" he went on. '
" Pumps should never be worn in the pad j dock," added Brad by to their irivate parody on , " Manners for Men. '
"^Wall—this vile wall!" quoted I/ewis, as they j
The tank lay limpiJ. alluring In the moon- I Kght, blotched here and there by water-lily j
The othem apat earnestly, having, in thoir efforta io be invisible, swallowed much alleged putrefso-
" Miss Tatham—or piay I say Miss ArmbclImP—
you must havo guessed my feelmge-"
Brmdby spluttered. Tho mmn was going to pro-
Throe shivering bodies awaited She event breath-lomly. If be only got it over and done with, and got off their clothes I "Cough it up," advised Seton, kindly. But, mlaal tho lady chose to bo obtuse.
"Oh, of course, I vo seen sll mlc.Bg you didn't agree with me in tho mmtter of arrangement—— ** Tho matter became me none.. The fixst fins care-less rspturo of tho three bad turned into an
7 Wo must frighten them away. Wall I'-
They wailed. Here they were frustrated by the higher education of wbmen. An ordinary girl., wojhl havo clung to.St. Loger in fosr; ho would* haae encircled her with his manly arm, mnd led her into the house, m blushing flincee. None of three things happened.
Can those be the curtowm calling P"' Inquired St. iMior, vaguely.
" Nothing of tho sort. Some students playing m practical joke. The Question is, wbe%ep."
' In the tank,' said 8eton, There was consternation within a* well a# without.
" What aro you after, you idiotP!' hbacd Brad-by. The three dared not risk another scene with the authorities.
"■ Leave it to . ,
must be got out."
The Fellow advanced towards the water's edge.
"What is thisP" quavered St. Leg or. "Your
is," whispered Seton. " They
nd collages. _____
"Seek not to know our names," chanted Seton, covering his face with one hand. The otherm followed suit. " Wo demand that you leave this garden instantly, giving us your word that you will not montion_the incident."
The Fellow by now stood quivering with dignity on the tank's edge.
"Your audacity amazes me. sir," said he. 'You.are not In a position to mako terms." "We arm " chanted Scion.
are," repeated Br ad by and Lewie,
blind faith.
"Unless prou go immediately, •

i shall all leave
stammered St. Ledger, " you for.
. . iiicio is a lady I"
is sitting on our clothes!" chanted the
I hero waa s feverish moment. The strength of tho r position wsa in the Imdy'e presence. If a2v withdrew, they were lost.
^ Ihjt Mi*a 1 a them was a sportsman and equal
"I cmld not think of Waving you with three » " -infuriated student,, Mr. St. Leger; they might attack you," amid the lady, getting off their
clotheM and advancing to the tank's edge.
wh" "
st Legor was an obstinate man.
mald^h"^ a*nd collegia, or we stay here,"
Pan himself only knows what would have happened in a moment. Three naked, god like forms might have flashed white in the moonlight, to the eternal confusion of %iss Arabella Tatham, had not that lady apiparrutly slipped upon a stone *nd lurched with a scream of terror against tha
St. Leger fell In. Whether the three imagined it, or whether thoj nally saw ilism Arabella Tatham, one hand over l*r eyes, wave the other towards the pile of dot lies, they would not like to say. But when, clothes under arm, they looked bade for a moment from the top of tho paddock wall, they saw Mim Arabella Tatbam benevolentI7 a/si tm^ tho Felkrs from the water and ho-ird her kind inquiries about sparrows, be-
changed St. Layer tf-er.ter.-d the ballroom, ducting Miav Arabella Tatham hack from re-freshmenta they passed in the doorway three faultkstly.nttinxl lounger*. and " %,s— Tatham unobserved, a t**'*'
moved two blades of gr and pressed them int
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