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April 17, 1912.
Two Thousand Testimonials in tree Months.
A Fund of Humour.
Born* of Mr. Morriwn's patienU are bleaed ■with a happy fund of humour, of which the fol lowing, from Wandsworth Common, London, forms an excellent example:
Dear Sir,—The gal (hat I married 35 yti iwhirh have boon j suffered tho last seven yean wonderful new | ^ hv#ation wma axtcodrd to a Pram representative only do her pood and make her V iw *dl on Mr. Mcn#son, at No. 6, Bridge a week, like ahe wed to when , ^
" wad, and examine for himself the huge pile of win never ceame 4o pray for yon.
correapondoocc. , ^ Wednesday a further letter wa* received from
the eame eource: "Enclcaed plewt Gad poaial order and stamps value 6a. Gd. for a further »up
£• - During the teat three moat he or so, the in-I' habitant* of Southampton and the wrrounding > districts have repeatedly had their attention i drawn to tho remarkable effected in their midst .
remedy known as Morriaon's 66. Some ol the have created quite a sensation
£25 Reward Offered.
A Chance lor the Sceptics.

Before tackling the le'lera—there were nearly
cured at
) to your neat supply and the hud."
' her make
I ###00 ...
variation k in the atrength of ths ingr 'lent*. To the faWer I would prefer to h*
help the patient in hk diagnosis, Mr. Mo. *on baa | therefore I should eateem it a fa prepared a very complete "«df-examiner. mid a litUo eauoe
that development
» Letters from all Parts.
Letter* have already reach id Mr. Morrison fron.
' Bnasia, C&nada, South Africa, and, .in fact, from ^ all parte of the w«*ld, tejtifying to the egcacy of his treatment, which hai been followed in every V instance-by rutisfactoiy ieaults. A few letters ^ were selected In haphazard fashion, and eompaied ^ with the rocord -which Mr. Morriman keeps of each £> case, and a remarkable iniprovement was shown Er in regard to ovcry individual. Indeed, the cpti-fe' mietac and bright tone of the letters, asking for a fresh supply of the powders, was in striking & contrast to aome of the naif-hearted application jft* earlier received. One patient, reudent in Derby,
K who had been suffering from a dread disease.
wrote: "After taking your powders I feci a dif * ferent man." Another gentleman, a local victim
of rheumatism, who alao complained of being ;
^ kept awake lor horn* at night, wrote. "I mm*
say that eincn taksrg your remedy I am decidedly better, and able to get about with freedom. Both [T' ing baa done mo #0 mutt good am your powder.." ,
jy Fnxn a London lady, laid low by neuritis, came the foMowinir tribute; " Thanks for another supply of your remedy, which I find is doing me more good than anything I have taken, having tried all K the known remedies for the past six years."
F- The following was extracted from a letter,
I-: written by a resident in Hampton Park, dated F February 2Hh: "Please send me a 35 days' sup- !
& ply of your medicine. I require it for my wife, ,
g who has for years been troubled with dyspepsia ft, a,nd urio acid and Madder troubles. She has tried many remedies and many doctors, both in India, :
where we Iked for 30 years. and sirce coming K home, but only found temporary relief." Writing on March 9th for a further supply of the remedy & the same gentleman eeid: "My wife has derived |
£• great benefit from its use."
a has yet earned the f25 reward offered by
Mr. 'Morrison wrote:—
"So disappointing are the results of the numerous so-called remedies and cures offered for sale that the pubHo baa at 2a* lost heart and faith in them, and very mdhgr rather peraovere in suffering than wasting money, time, and patience in keeping on
-I sha.ll therefore pay the sum of £25 as a reward if I Jail *o prove (to genuine inquires), in black and white, a record of nearly one thousand aWlute euros In leas than Abrce months to aufferem from chronic rheumatimn, ncuritim, rheu" ma'io fever, muscular rheumatism, rheumatic gout, kidney, bladder, liver, and digestive troubles, neuraKgia, tic, hackadie, sciatica, iumbago, rheu matic paralysis, ohrqnk indige^ion, palpitation o* the heart, weakness, anemia, cold cold back, poor eiroulation, nervous hrrukiown, dxibeta:, dyspepsia, blood troubles, b-. l .ogs, piles itching, etc.. etc., inlluerzi colda, do bflity through asthma and • lunchitis, sk-eplew-
ybu the surest, the speedie*, the mJesi, and the cmly mover failing treatmenWhe world baa ever seen. If you cannot call personally, write mymp-toma of your ailings (say whether Mr., Mrs., or Miss, also age, hahhs, and build of body), with P.O. for 2S. Gd., and I wiM send you a 15 days* treatment "on the direct condition .that if you » cm tbo 4th day what is left of the treatment, and say you have not benefited, your 2m. is immediately to be returned to you. I don't >w if there ever was a more straightforward and honest offer in the treatment world yet, and if you still remain indifferent to this offer, then don't blame anyone for your Buffering, but your m negligence "
This offer, first made over a month ago, still holds good.
1 Woolston Lady's Improvement.
? A lady at Wcolmton described her symptoms a:
2 fallow*; "Appetite very poor and have lost UeJi. I have been a sufferer S) months with nervous j dyapeyai*. Sometimes I get a lump on my chest, , and other Um«a graat exhaustion sweeps over me, |
/ as if 1 was passing away I alao get palpitation . of the heart." After a trial packet of Mr. Morn-^ _\*n'a remedy, ahe wrote: "1 certainly feel ever j & so much better and brighter in ,inee tak- :
3 ing your powders. T?jmk God, my appetite has improved wonderfully, and I have not felt that
} inking feeling that I had a few weeks; ago. 1 , v have told manv fYiends about your powdem, and ( I hope they will ask your advice when they need
Warnings to the Workers.
" Take your Case in Time."
1 ..0 sixty-six different ailments and diseases for wh:ch Mr. J. D. Morrison has discovered a remedy are not confined to any particular class of tho community. No one is immune. The policeman and tho postman, the clerk and the shop assistant, tho soldier and the sailor, tho labourer and tho artisan, tho mislrece and tho maid—all, though in varying degree*, are liaMo to the game com-plaints. But Mr. Morrison's wonderful "W (a a sure and speedy cure for them all.
Even if you are enjoying the blessing of goo«L health, Mr. Morrison can still be of great service to you. Send for.a packet of his "Aatedyeting Powder' (registered Patent OfGco 341,202), and not only will it assist you to enjoy good health, but it :s guaranteed to positively prevent all aflor meal attacks, such as biliousntm. indigee-tion, retching, ety., etc., and more important still, you will never be laid low by tho dreaded disease of appendicitis.
Morrison ap|
Workers, take warn!
TO THK POLICEMAN.—You cannot afford to 1 be low apirited, and less keen and alert on your j beat. I have dene many a man in the Police • Foroo good, and I can won put you to rights. I TO THE POSTMAX.-Your dutica take you out in all kinds of weather, and backache, sciatica, and other complaints are often the result. That won't do for you. Did you read of tho postman in Portswood who suffered from ! sciatica and backaohe for many years? He used j t& stand 011 the top of the care bending against tho rail, and went about his duties in most half-' hearted fashion, but today, thanks to my treat-! nient, he is quite well.
; TO THE CLERGYMAX.-3piritually you may be all right, and need no correction, but physd-i cally you are subject to tho same ailments as j other men, and I can be of great service to you.
Mr. Morrison is very proud indeed of the work
In many ol tho letters tho untero state that . from 5 8 p „. m. will
till? have Wn recommended U, try the remedy^ ^ to anJ.
their fnends. One lady, .ivins in Nor lumber- j ^ a &{ta,a troatmcnt
land-road, boon loud JJ" | warded in return for a &. «d. P.O. to «.ny «d-
lYet one doae of the treatment waa aulBownt to Iput her to rights I Since then Mr. Morrison has I needed no canvasser in her district.
Another rcmaHcable csae was turned up of a young lady who had been differing from rheu ma tmm In her iiands and fect for about four yearn. After trying ahe wioto: "It 4 worth a
hlwalng to be able to sleep at aight without pain." A foftnight ego, *hen she called on Mr Morrison, the swelling had entirely disappi rf* Tha cure of a Portawood girl 18 yeara g haa emcitad a great amount of internet. Three yram ^ eho had a sevcra attack of rheumauc i£> fever, and ai a oon^equcnce was left helplu* over B aince. A fow weeks ago the gwl'a mo'her faded B on Mr. Morrison for a trial packet of his remedy and kwhy the girl is as aprishtly as any Vone When the mother called on Mr. M-»riwon #BP*i;aln, telling him of the wcndc.ful rmult. ahe K' aaid " None cf u* could believe that :t wss oui vf . Mary when we saw her all of a wdden move K*ahout freely, and e*mv since the has so
f AogTeeeed that when she goes cut now the jktrict the KM*, krowing her from before. / rmnnot .1 aiybcUeve that It ie the aamc pirl, and *H'pronounce the audden cure nothing else bu, a . tniraclo."
have found no benefit therefrom, 6d. returned.
IX) THE PUBLICAN.—Your surroundings are I in nuny instances the cause of sciatica, lumbago, gout, mwollen knees, etc., etc. Send for my treat-•ment, and you will feel a different being.
TO THE CLERK AND SHOP-ASngTAWT.-It is all very well to tell you to have plenty of f*ah air and exercise, but 1 know your occupation does not give you the chance. You can, however, enjoy the best of health, and never suffer that miserably weak feeling or put up with those sharp, shooting pains again under my treat-ment. iMany Indoor workers, of both'sexes, have been thankful for my advice.
TO SAILOH8 AND FIREMEN.-Hava yon heard of the sensational incident on the s.s. Amazon? On the morning of March 6th, Mr. Good, the chief fireman, wss suddenly ueiscd with a very severe attack of backacho whilst at his duties. The chief lighterman, Mr. Win. Harding, happened to come on tho scene, and he lost no tiuio in sending one of the firemen to Mr.
...............„... I Morrison's house, which is a few minutes away
%%^ipt"of% penny "Ncariy all ihcee curea were brought about to j from the Docks, for a packet of his GO treatment.
ill he for- hopeleam and helpSess invaKda, to sufferers neariy Ten minutoa afterwards Mr. Good was quite a all their Hfetime, and to a great many who wore now man. Explaining later, Mr. Harding said, pronounced mcumble. **** &h? Morrynfa G6 twaUnent
Uack and white you wjl be *od, thank God, I wss not dwappolnted."
nra*, itch, nettlerash, biliousr wind, dropsical swelling, dep, I ho bladder, lack of energy, or toes, etc., etc.
, sick: headaches, ' ion, irritation, of j na in the ankles 1
trouble wtth Who handeom
of 425, hut
yuu will net be dieappointed when yen faS in Urn TO THE COMMBtCIAL TRAVELLER.-You, o»h prise, for you ™iU positively eeoure » more | calling seU for your health many pitfalls; man)
I; Morrison. Esq., 6, Bridge-road, Southampton.
sufferer (write on a eepara^ Wip fo:
iclosed particmlaw, and should like to test your remedy. I enclose P.O. for 2*. 6d. fcr a trial packet, and should you not think your re mody recommendable in my case, aa dmcribed. please return P.O. in full.
, rewanl atiD, e prioeieaa rmmard whidi will ^ of you suffer from I
___| treatment has replaced many
x>und, full of life

To J. B. ijorrison, Esq.. 6, Bridge-road,
Registered " 8elf-Ex-o Id. stamp for poet-
is no need for you (c continue your work in ! half-hearted fashion, and to be content with ' swallowing boxes of pills night after night.
TO THE DOMESTIC SERVANT.—Why suffer from swollen knees, chapped hands, cold feet, or bad circulation any linger. Many a girl has - blrseed the day ahe atarted my treatment.
TO CARETAKERS AND OTHERS.-Carrying coals and scrubbing floors is a fruitful cause of backache and lumbago. After taking my "66' remedy you will be sble to go about your work with the cheerfulness born of perfect health, and tho hard mcming'a tssk w01 no longer 811 you with fear.
TO ONE AND ALL. MAN OR WOMAN, RICH OR POOR —I am absolutely conviuccd that my treatment will be of invaluable help to you, and I therefore ask you to take advantage of my offer.—Advt.
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