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The teacher put me into this compartment and said, 'Here, look after
him.' And there I was, and I don't recall what happened on the journey
until I arrived in [Glasgow]... As I arrived at that station, I'd nothing to
identify me. Where I'd come from, where I was going, what my name
was... [I was] nine. (Valentin)

The Ninos Project
In 2008, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded the University of
Southampton, in partnership with Hampshire Archives and Local
Studies, a grant under its Your Heritage scheme for a project to record
life-story interviews of the ninos. A book, Alicia Pozo-Gutierrez and
Padmini Broomfield, 'Here, look after him'. Voices of Basque evacuee
children of the Spanish Civil War (Southampton, 2012) has recently
been published based on these life-stories. The project also produced
a travelling exhibition to tell the Basque Children's story to the wider
community, and, working with Hampshire County Council, an
education pack was created to engage local schoolchildren.

The University of Southampton is grateful to the many nihos for their
involvement with the project; to Carmen Kilner, Natalia Benjamin and
the Basque Children of '37 Association UK for the loan of items for the
exhibition; and to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
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