PP/GC/PO/309 Letter from Lord Ponsonby to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, concerning an insult alleged to have been offered to the former Turkish envoy to Paris while at Windsor, 7 November 1837
Letter from John Ponsonby, second Baron Ponsonby, later first Viscount Ponsonby, [ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary at Constantinople], to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: finding that Reschid Bey had not expressed to the Porte his dissatisfaction at what took place at Windsor, but being sure that the French secretary Palmerston mentioned would not fail to make it known at Constantinople, Ponsonby decided he should act to prevent an unfavourable impression being made on the Sultan. He issued a statement of facts refuting every alleged evidence of lack of attention to the Ottoman ambassador, and added that Palmerston's anxiety was demonstrated by his letters to Lord Granville at Paris and to Ponsonby on the subject. Akif Pasha said it was clear that Reshid Bey must have been in error. It is important that Ponsonby avoids offending Reschid Bey by what he has done, so he wrote the enclosed instruction to the dragoman to be laid before Akif Pasha. 7 Nov 1837 It is noted, in pencil, that the letter was received on 4 December 1837. Enclosed is a copy of a letter from John Ponsonby, second Baron Ponsonby, later first Viscount Ponsonby to the Turkish dragoman: [Transcript] [f.3r] "You will tell Akif Pasha that it is very natural and by no means extraordinary that a foreigner should have fallen into a mistake respecting matters of English etiquette and forms, and that no blame whatever ought to be attached to Reshid Bey, but on the contrary, that he ought to be applauded for his anxiety to preserve unwounded the dignity of his situation as [f.3v] ambassador for the Sultan to a great sovereign; that Lord Palmerston has only felt the anxious desire to explain what took place and to satisfy the Porte and has himself fully approved of the sentiments by which Reshid Bey was animated." 6 Nov 1837: contemporary copy
Two papers, punched for disinfection
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Reschid Mustapha Bey, alias Reshid Mustafa Bey, later Reschid Mustapha Pasha, Reis Effendi or Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs
Windsor, Berkshire
Mahmud II, Ottoman Sultan
Akif Muhammad Effendi or Akiff Mehmed Pasha, Kiahaya Bey, or Turkish Minister of the Interior
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