PP/GC/PO/295 Letter from Lord Ponsonby to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, concerning his reasons for not taking leave from Constantinople, 9 May 1837
Letter from John Ponsonby, second Baron Ponsonby, later first Viscount Ponsonby, British ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary at Constantinople, to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: he is replying to Palmerston's letter dated 11 April 1837. He appreciates the trouble Palmerston has gone to over his leave and admits that it will cause Ponsonby much personal inconvenience not to take it. If he goes on leave he will not be able to answer the almost daily slurs against him. He is annoyed at Mr Urquhart's base actions and "resolved to make him feel that I am not to be trampled upon by anybody." He has answered Palmerston's instructions number twenty seven, which talks of Urquhart's recall being due to his [Urquhart's] interference with Circassia, as mentioned in Urquhart's letter to Strangways. Ponsonby thinks it would be a mistake to use this excuse, for Palmerston could then be interpreted as being hostile to the Circassians. Ponsonby's despatch is intended to give Palmerston the opportunity to lay the responsibility with Ponsonby for anything he may do about Urquhart: a choice must be made between the ambassador and the secretary of embassy. These grounds which cannot reflect badly on Palmerston, while Ponsonby himself is prepared to vindicate his own conduct. 9 May 1837
Two papers, punched for disinfection
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David Urquhart, secretary to the British embassy at Constantinople
Circassia, Caucasus: British ship, 'Vixen' confiscated by the Russian authorities
William Thomas Horner Fox Strangways, British charge d'affaires at Florence
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