PP/GC/PO/212 Letter from Lord Ponsonby to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, concerning the sending of Congreve rockets to defend the Caucasus against the Russians, whose fleet he thinks are about to attack, 1 September 1834
Letter from John Ponsonby, second Baron Ponsonby, later first Viscount Ponsonby, British ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary at Constantinople, to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: he thinks that it would be a very good idea to send Congreve rockets to the Caucasus to defend it against the Russians. The rockets, having been sent from England could be got into the country without the knowledge of Russia, powder and lead could be obtained in Turkey. Palmerston will have read David Urquhart's letters which states the view, which is shared by Ponsonby, that the Russian fleet in the Black Sea is preparing to attack the Caucasus. The control of the Caucasus by Russia is seen by them as a necessary part of their greater plan to control Turkey. 1 Sep 1834 This letter is marked: "Private". It was received on 21 October 1834.
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Ottoman Empire, Sublime Porte, Turkey
Congreve rockets, invented by Sir William Congreve in 1808, weapons, arms, defence
Caucasus or Caucasia or Ciscaucasia or Circassia
David Urquhart, later secretary of the British embassy at Constantinople, known in Turkey as Daoud Bey
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