PP/GC/ME/59 Letter from William Lamb, second Viscount Melbourne to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, a difference of opinion with Lyttleton, the grounds to which they have and should negotiate with Daniel O’Connell, and reforming the House of Lords constitution, 9 December 1835
Letter from William Lamb, second Viscount Melbourne, South Street, to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: thanks for the extracts from his reply to Lyttleton’s letter. He laments the difference of opinion but will not take offence at it. No measure has been adopted or nor any appointment been made which would not have otherwise taken place in order to conciliate O’Connell or his party. “In popular government and popular assemblies we must get on as we can, and avail ourselves of the assistance which offers itself, without scrutinizing too closely the grounds upon which it is given or the ulterior views which it is intended to advance. He discussing changes to the constitution of the House of Lords. 9 Dec 1835 Enclosures: (i) PP/GC/ME/59/enc.1 Letter from Thomas Brand, twentieth Baron Dacre, The Hoo, to William Lamb, second Viscount Melbourne: he encloses extracts from his answer to Lyttleton’s letter on the present state of politics, 4 Dec 1835 p> (ii) PP/GC/ME/59/enc.2-3 Extracts from a letter from Thomas Brand, twentieth Baron Dacre to Lyttleton, 30 Oct 1835 (iii) PP/GC/ME/59/enc.4 Wrapper
Five papers
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