PP/GC/LE/63 Letter from Sir G. C. Lewis to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, sending an memorandum on rewards granted for improvements in engines of war, 3 June [1856]
Letter from Sir George Cornewall Lewis, second Baronet, [Chancellor of the Exchequer], Downing Street, [Whitehall, London], to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: he encloses a memorandum containing information on rewards for improvements to engines of war. "It must be confessed that they are liberal." 3 Jun 1856 Enclosed is a memorandum, in an unknown hand, on the subject of the remuneration granted to General Shrapnel and Colonel Sir W.Congreve for their inventions: [Transcript] [f.3r] "By the books of the Ordnance Department, it appears that General Henry Shrapnel received for his invention of spherical cased shot, and improvements in artillery, by the Prince Regent's pleasure dated 5 April 1815, the sum of 1200 pounds per annum. General Shrapnel died on 13 March 1842. Colonel Sir William Congreve, Bt, as a remuneration for his invention of rockets, by the above quoted order also received 1,200 pounds per annum, but on reference to the page 28 of the 16 report of military enquiry on the Ordnance, it will be found that Sir W.Congreve received 1,000 pounds [f.3v] for the preparation of his rockets for the attack on Boulogne in 1805, [`in 1805' repeated in ms], and he continued to receive 100 pounds a month during his employment on that service. That allowance was paid to him until the latter end of 1806 by the War Department, and subsequently by the Navy Pay Office. This 100 pounds per month however was considered by Sir W.Congreve, not as remuneration for his services, but as payment of his expenses during the expedition on which he was engaged. Sir W.Congreve died on the [f.4r] 15 May 1825. A sum of 500 pounds was paid to Captain Siemans of the Hanovarian artillery as a reward for some improvement of the Shrapnel shell (23.50g in 1853)." n.d. c.Jun 1856
Two papers
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General Henry Shrapnel, inventor of antipersonnel projectile, deceased
Colonel Sir William Congreve, second Baronet, inventor of the Congreve military rocket, former comptroller of the Royal Laboratory of Woolwich Arsenal
Use of Congreve rocket in attack on Boulogne, France
Captain Ernst Werner Von Siemans, electrical engineer
George, Prince Regent, later George IV, King of England
George IV, King of England, formerly Prince Regent, deceased
Inventions; weaponry
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