PP/GC/LE/14 Letter from G.C.Lewis to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, reporting on the distribution and circulation of a pamphlet by Lord William Harvey, and commenting on the Swiss system of government, 31 December 1847
Letter from George Cornewall Lewis, [Secretary to the Board of Control], Grove Mill House, Watford, [Northamptonshire], to Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston: he has sent Lord William Harvey's manuscript to the press and has arranged its printing. The cost of the printing and paper will be sixty pounds. The cost of the pamphlet, allowing for profits and including the expense of advertising, is about thirty five pounds. The number of copies sold was 177. There are 250 copies remaining in case Palmerston wishes any more to be given away. Should the Swiss Federal Pact undergo any fundamental changes, a chamber constituted on the same principle as the American House of Representatives should be added to the present Swiss diet. "In the Swiss diet, each canton has one representative and one vote, and therefore all the cantons, great and small, are on an equality. This is likewise the case in the American Senate; but in the House of Representatives the number of members of each state depends on the population, so that the large states have more members than the small ones. By this compromise, the equality of the states is secured in case of necessity, but a considerable practical preponderance is given to the large states; as the senate will not exercise its veto without strong ground. The present constitution of the Swiss diet tends greatly to promote separate cantonal government, as the large states will never aquiesce cordially in an arrangement which is so unfavourable and unfair to them. Besides, it throws a disprortionate amount of power in the hands of the backward and rural cantons." Lewis requests that Palmerston does not take the trouble to acknowledge the letter. 31 Dec 1847 [Postscript] "I have struck out of Lord Harvey's pamphlet all the passages which seemed to me to too pointed and personal for publication, particularly now that the ardour of the strife has cooled down, and the Treaty of Utrecht is again beginning to be interesting only to the historian. But I found it impossible to omit the references to the articles in THE TIMES, QUARTERLY REVIEW etc. as in order to do so the pamphlet must in fact have been recast, which no one but the author himself could do." 31 Dec 1847
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George Cornewall Lewis, later second Baronet, Secretary to the Board of Control
Lord Frederick William Harvey, Earl Jermyn, later second Marquis of Bristol
Lord Frederick William Harvey, Earl Jermyn, later second Marquis of Bristol: FIVE LETTERS OF KING CHARLES II COMMUNICATED...BY THE MARQUIS OF BRISTOL (London) Camden Miscellany, vol. 5
Treaty of Utrecht by which Great Britain gained Gibraltar, Minorca, Hudson bay, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, 1713
Newspapers and the press
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