PP/GC/LE/137 Memorandum from Sir G.C.Lewis regarding possible changes to parliamentary procedure, n.d. [1860 ?]
Memorandum from Sir George Cornewall Lewis, second Baronet, [Secretary of State for Home Affairs]: [Transcript] "The government do not seek to interfere with the freedom of debate, but to enquire whether any changes ought to be made in the rules for the transaction of business, which may appear to be suggested by altered circumstances, and by inconveniences not formerly experienced. [f.1v] The principal subjects for consideration will be: 1. The policy of continuing bills from one session to another, so that a bill which has passed one House in one session, may pass the other House in the next session, without going again through all its stages in both Houses. This plan was proposed by Lord Derby to the House of Lords at the end of the last session (July); and he moved [f.2r] for a select committee to enquire into it. 2. The policy of allowing more time for government business before Easter. 3. Regulation of the notices on the motion for adjournment on Friday. 4. Regulation of notices on going into committee of supply. 5. Regulation of power of making speeches on a motion for adjournment [f.2v] motions on public business with resolutions for the amendment of its rules, were made last session by Mr Ewart and Mr Duncombe, and were withdrawn upon the prospect of the appointment of a select committee this session." n.d. [1860 ?]
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Edward Geoffrey Smith-Stanley, fourteenth Earl of Derby
William Ewart, Member of Parliament for Dumfries
Thomas Slingsby Duncombe, Member of Parliament for Finsbury [?]
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